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some interesting line ups happening..might be something that happens more in the future.. money talks etc . luciano just been, carola in dec with cox playing the f1 after party


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I've been to a body and soul night there years ago, easy to pull as the club was full of hookers..:)


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I still have absolutely no interest in visiting this bat-shit crazy place.
I don't get the appeal at all. You could go somewhere closer, for a fraction of the price, with a more bearable climate aaaaaand you wouldn't have the threat of being thrown in the slammer for committing some vague act of "indecency", like touching a man's hip (in order to prevent spilling a drink over him!!)


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You know who you remind me of? A Young Me...

Wow! A young you!

No! Yung Mi, Chinese lad, manages Bromley South!
Drives a Suburu Impreza, took home £65k last year and a part share in a golf course IN DUBAIIIIII


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Our folks love the place they have been four times in the last 5 years. Waited on hand and foot at their hotel and food was top notch. Never had any trouble, wear what they want, hold hands in public etc. I suppose if you stick to your resort you will be okay.

If you go out the school holidays you can get it at a very reasonable price, and cooler weather.

if you look further a field past Dubai you will be quids in for the same resort experiance you get in 'Dubai' if you know what I mean.

Plenty of things to do, skiing, quad biking, helicopter rides, water parks, but going to a party like this wouldn't be of interest for me at all.

The only bizzare thing I can report is the old man got caught smoking in a public place during ramadan and all he got asked was very politely to put it out.
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going to a party like this wouldn't be of interest for me at all..

I get you..its certainly a different clubbing experience going out to see the big acts here...however, it can be somewhat refreshing when everyone are not off their faces and in some ways you can appreciate or remember (or not depending who's playing) the music more. Of course its no way its comparable to a good old rave, its just different.

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Dubai and clubbing just don't go! Buildings etc are impressive but at the end of the day it's in an Islamic which means you can't really let it go.I remember a few years ago there was rumours of a party island out there. That would never work


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Just got back from Dubai ,,

1 of the managers meeting us at the door was telling me about the parties

We have very crazy parties here sir ,, ahh yeah???

Crazy sir all the way till 3am sir !!!

Great !!
Crazy parties that go on from noon to midnight but no shorts, trainers or caps after 7pmo_O feel free to look.for suitable close in our locker room but don't put arab gear or you'll be jailed..