Hope this is the case. I prefer mandy to pills just for measuring out dosage although without a test kit theres no knowing for sure what you have. Even if it tests positive for mandy that doesnt mean there isnt all kinds of other shit in it. But I still prefer that method.
Having said that, I passed up on soundclouds last time I was there and have been regretting it since after hearing the positive reports. Maybe its time to give them a try
Best of luck! Let us know how you get on

Johnny Vodka

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Obviously avoid looky lookies, but I was advised by the PR's that the quality of MD was pretty great everywhere as they were all in completion with each other.
It's very rare to get bad mandy, either in Ibiza or the UK IME, as long as you're sensible as to how you buy it. Kind of ties in with the fact that the main worry with pills is that they're dosed too strongly, not that they have other crap in them.


White or Brown? The product not the seller.. I find the brown one really lazy and heavy any where I find it.. white is always better
It’s a personal thing. I find both colours the same in comparison with a good old gary! But I suppose everyone is different!


Has anyone had yellow superman pills in the UK? Had one on Saturday and was just wondering if anyone had used before and had an idea on the strength?