Usually referred to as "yokes" or "bumblebees" where I'm from. Example: "have you got any yokes?" Or "do you want any yokes." Pronounced the same as yolks as in egg yolks.


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Yeah I started about the same time (2002ish) and the rushes were mad and well more loved up!! Still f***in awesome now but defo different, don’t seem to completely forget wot I’m saying mid sentence like we all used to back then
Ahhh...the old forgetting what you’re saying to your mate mid sentence. Then you ask your mate what you was going on about and they haven’t a clue either :D


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Some strong md about. I divided a gram into 10 caps. 1st cap didn't do much, but 2nd cap hit me strong and long.. Seemed trippier than usual too.
I’m toying between ‘md’ or ‘little ones’ on Sunday when I pop over. Like the idea of a strong bit of md for a change. Decisions decisions. How long you over for?


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Heading over to San an tonight watch sunset if there is one go to either Davids or tapas and pick up some ‘bucklers’ (a term we used to call them which ive just remembered:lol:)


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Pink illuminati reports? Too late now because it was either them or blue monkeys in San an and i wasn’t leaving empty handed