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Definitely punishers. Hard to say what they'll be like, the original blue were very strong, one of best I can remember. Been many variations since

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Took the pink punishers last night, my mate says they’re the best he’s had. I thought they were solid, if a bit wavey, occasionally it’d come on pretty intense. I took 1 and a half all in and tailed off at 5:30-6, didn’t even get my clothes off in the hotel, straight to sleep as I laid sideways across the bed 😂
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Had silver bars tonight at Eden. Well pressed and strong. Had two over the night and my eyes couldn’t stop wiggling
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Yes mate, not my usual choice of night but loved it. Can’t tell you much about the music cause I know nothing about trance😂 wasn’t very full so space to dance but being my first time there I haven’t got anything to compare to. To be honest probably spent most my night talking shite in the smoking area
Those are some of the best nights I find 😂