Do you remember your first time?

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The story of my first visit - as I have told it dozens of times - and actually it is two “first times”...
1998: The father of a very good friend had a year's rent on a flat in Santa Eulalia, and we were able to stay there for a fortnight for free, in return for which he asked us to bring his VW Golf I convertible to the island. We were three very close friends and had spent our teenage years together, two of us in the early years of electronic music. So we had experience, but still weren't prepared for what to expect in Ibiza.

Shortly after the start in Hanover, one of my friends wisely popped a pill, the other went for beer, I ended up driving the convertible through the south of France to Barcelona to the ferry, through torrential rain, 2m visibility, lorries left and right. Quite scary and adventurous at age 20.

After the ferry crossing, in the apartment complex by the pool, after our first shopping tour, we had the annual Amnesia sampler on continuous loop. Sueno Latino ... I had no idea we were listening to a legendary Balearic classic. I also have a feeling that the music scenes nationally were much more diverse back then.

Our almost daily routine was a car ride to Playa d'En Bossa, gravel parking opposite the Jet, towels on the beach, big bottle of sangria and a hot dog at the Jet for lunch. The level of outdoor parties was incredible and Bora Bora was in its heyday.

We were approached on the beach if we wanted to go to a “ranch party” followed by free entry at Space. I mean the party was on the grounds of the harness track (?), and with 300 other young and horny party holidaymakers we got drunk under the direction of entertainer "Johnny Tequila", but it was "no taka-taka" allowed (quote). We arrived blind drunk around 11pm at Space - which normally didn't open until the morning back then (5am?). I think that level of exposed body parts would not be tolerated even in Ibiza today....

During the two weeks we checked off all the superclubs ... I only missed El Divino, simply because we ran out of money. Foam party at Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha ... one club better than the other. We held on to 1-2 beers or Cokes the whole evening and were chronically broke.

After that trip, I moved to another city and even though our friendship remained, we slowly but surely went our separate ways.

Fast forward to 2014: one of the two friends is getting married, the other is organising the stag do. Without further ado, I appoint myself co-organiser and give out the destination: Ibiza.

The dream comes true: Our friend - now a police officer - arrests a strange suspect during an operation, who turns out to be our mutual friend. From there it's straight onto the plane - he had no idea where he was going until check-in.

I can hardly describe the feeling I had when I set foot in Space again after 16 years. Holy ground. We were excited like little kids and were almost the first ones in the club. The experience when the sound system turned up - incredible.

The feeling of returning to this island, to our youth, to a time without worries mixed in that moment with the renewal of our friendship burned deep into my soul. We had five unforgettable days.

We returned twice after that in somewhat changing constellations, but our life paths slowly led in different directions again afterwards, also due to strokes of fate. I went alone twice, and of course you

you get to know people quickly on Ibiza, but at the same time it's not the same. I am just returning from six days in Ibiza with a friend from that group, and we had a great time.

So thinking about Ibiza always gives me a bittersweet feeling: the beauty of the island, the light-heartedness and freedom, the music I love so much - but also the longing for the past, for the time that will never come back. And for friendship in perhaps its simplest and most beautiful form: Three young mates together on holiday, looking for adventure, the future like a white sheet of paper waiting for history to be written.

Will the pieces of the puzzle be put together once again? Time will tell.

This is my story - and sorry the long emotional rant, but I am on my flight back … Listening to “Oden & Fatzko - Forever”, looking at the picture of the three guys in the rocketship that appears with the track on Spotify … yeah …


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Not sure I want to document fully the first time I went when I was 18 there was 8 of us, rookie mistake after rookie mistake haha. I do remember a lass on the second week was on about taking me to a superclub, but unfortunately spent too much on the first week. Think that had played on my mind, so the last time I went I made a point of doing abit of exploring and going to a superclub or 2 in ibiza. The first time I went, don't think I saw much past the west end.
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Ibiza chewed us up and spat us out. It's a week I'll never forget and I know it sounds corny as fcuk but I genuinely believe it changed my life.

I got home to an empty house and tipped my bag out.

When my lass came in we were really happy to see each other.

I think the first thing she asked was 'Did Davey pull?'

'No did he fcuk' lol

Followed by 'Where's all your t shirts gone?' as she started going through my clothes for the washer.

'Oh, long story' ?‍♂️?

I then spent the next week telling her about all the crazy shenanigans we'd been up to. I thought she wouldn't be really interested, but I think she absorbed how awesome I made it sound and before long I was taking her out for a long weekend. I was really hoping it would have the same effect on her as it did with me. I'm happy to report Ibiza worked its magic on her too!

I've been back every year since, apart from 2015 when I snapped my tibia and fibula in a parachuting accident near Oxford.

Brings us up to 2020 and sadly looks like I will miss out this year due to reasons beyond my control. My hopes for the future is to take my daughters out there and let them experience the magic of the place, and also suddenly realise that I am actually a cool as fcuk Dad!

Apologies, I said I was going to keep it short. I lied.

Today is actually my birthday too. I've made it to the grand age of 37. True to form its torrential rain in Newcastle today and if I hear the words lockdown or coronavirus one more time I think I'm going to have a mental breakdown.

If you've read this far I apologise again for boring you to death.

All the best Spotlight crew ?

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How did I miss this? HOW? 😅😅😅


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