Do they search you for drugs at airport



Just wondering if they search for drugs at the airport, going to ibiza. from home and actually at ibiza. I dont want to buy any drugs over there.

No....... well, i have never been searched, never seen any dogs are nething, but some others may have had different experiences, or may have seen things,

I would say ne1 who takes "stuff" TO ibiza via airport is nuts!!!

Best quality "stuff" 4 me has always been found on the island, reasonable prices.

Not worth even considering would be my oppinion.

I think the customs are "probably" very lapse, so many planes landing at once, never seen ne searches.

But "why" would ne1 want to take anything ne way?
I have never been searched or seen any dogs. However, alyays careful, hide in seceret places ;)

I have 2 say, when i ran out i must of bought 3 pills in Ibiza, each and every one was bunk!
Point taken,

Tis true if recent reports are to be believed there are more "factories" in the UK than many places in Europe.
There's only passport control, so not much chance of being searched, if it's on you. But you know that if you did get collared, you'd have to face the consequences.

I have seen dogs and customs there, but there's no organised controls.

There is a passport a ibiza for all countries, unless you are flying from an airport within spain, then you do not need to go through passport control

Also what is a schengen country????
schengen countries are countries within the EU ;)

i was flying from vienna to ibiza and there was no passport control at all...

why don't you want to buy the drugs in ibiza? it's worth try it out there ;) :eek: :D
They always checked my passport at my local airport (schiphol, Amsterdam) but they never did at Eivissa Airport. But i never took a single pill with me. Because i would never take the risk to ruin my live with six years Spanish prison. Better to spend 10 euro on a pill than take that risk! Compare to the 0,50 euro they cost outhere.
Even though some of the pills/weed in Ibiza itself can be rank, the risk and concequences of being caught at the airport is far too high.

I'd advise you NOT to bring anything through the airports and just buy stuff over there. Some of the stuff is crap, some not but surely the risks of buying dud pills outweighs the risks of paying huge fines and spending time in spanish jails!
Not worth the risk AT ALL! I've actually been caught in the UK with pills on me, had to give a statement to the Police etc. etc. I was distraught, I though I'd totally f***ed my life up and that I'd get kicked out of uni and never be able to get a decent job having "Possetion of a Class A Drug" on my record. I can assure you that you do not want to have to go through what I did, it's the most horrible experience ever.

To date I have heard nothing from the Police since the night I got caught in April, looks like I may have got away with it (touch wood)

Me and my mates went to Ibiza in August, 10 girls, we took over some pills and coke, my mates put it in there suitcase in wee secret stashes, some of them had done it b4 so , they carried the stuff for some of us , cos we'd never done anything like that b4 , but we forgot about it when our luggage checked in, cos we did'nt have it on us, and when we got there it was sound , no dogs or anything :eek: :eek:

we ended up having to buy more pills over there, cos we ran out, we got ones called flashes and they were excellent, we got them from PR's and one time had to get them from a LOOKY LOOKY MAN, CALLED BILLY, they were still good though :eek: and they were not that dear, we paid about £2.50 - £3.00 for them , and that is good, for over there.

but i would'nt do it, i am a shitebag, that's why my pals done it for me, just think of the consequences, would it be worth it really :!:

when u going over next year anyway,
i cant wait to go, i am going for 6mths

luv tinkerbell ;)

with all due respect should we really be discussing drug traffiking over the net????

Tinkerbell - i'm probably going over bout mid july time...oh yes course your going over there to live aren't you??? that will be just the best!


HEY Rob,

i cannot wait to go to ibiza, i wish it was may the now, that's all i talk about these days, IBIZA, IBIZA , IBIZA, all my other pals that are not coming with me are getting so pissed off with me , but i cant help it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)

luv tinky x ;)
Tinkerbell you are so lucky it's untrue! I'm going for 2 weeks somethime in the middle of July, and it will be my 2nd time there because I want last year. I really can't get enough of the place!
Hi Tinkerbell..

May will come round sooner than you think, believe amazes me just how quick the time goes, especially the ibiza season, you wait all year for it, and the it goes like a flash.

i bet ur other nates are geeting jealous hahaha!!!

I fancy doing the same thing as Tinkerbell, me and my mate are definatly up for it and think we are ready as this will be our 3rd visit to the white isle. l