DIXON Presents... TRANSMODERNA @ Pacha 2019

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Trikk is the hottest right now. he played here last year in a tiny back room club after a festival and it was recorded... I'll post it later
Dude! You have to post it. Trikk is an incredible DJ. One of the best things happened to the scene in the past few years.


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Very very very safe.. quite surprised really.
I'm not. after wisdom of the glove and mosaic, anything other than playing it safe would have been a surprise.

I get it that it's maybe not the week by week line up you expected, but personally I think it's musically the best friday nighter the island's seen in a looong while.


its &me as the guest when i'm there
not sure its enough to sway the currently frontrunner of "scotts one night out" in Afterlifes opening
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