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Was hoping they might do some interesting and fresh:confused: instead of same old cannon fodder..
in a veue that holds space for thousands of people and is going up against other events?
if they put up something interesting and fresh a lot of people would be put off.

the interesting and fresh you can hear in smaller venues here. and when they get famous, that is when they get booked in the big venues.
nothing new really.


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I’m putting my money on solomun being there on the 5th July unless there are +1 live events on already.


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Just thinking as his free on that date plus he staged a +1 live on the 6th last year. I know it’s same old same old but I chose to do a 1 dayer, couple of years ago and flew out just for this and it was well worth the visit. I was with the wife so wasn’t on one and this time I’m with my pals so will be right on it, which I’m sure I will enjoy even more.