There's nowt wrong with a bit of euphoric trance, at least it puts a smile on peoples faces.!

I went 2 years ago to this night and had a good night.

It wouldn't normally be my first choice of nights but due to the distinct lack of trance this year I may well go again.

It will be big tune after big tune :D
Actually .. having been introduced to euphorica trance by Scott, a friend of ours, I would really love to hear a bit of this on the island ....
well....we were there last time, anf he - dave - sucked. His warm up dude however was kicking ass and making the crowd go nuts...he was far better
Darlin! must have done the 'ideal clubbin week' post about 8 times since I registered!

I see Dave Pearce on fri this year. I think I went to that in 2000 (ssshh) on a sat.

Fridays at Pacha looks good- ESP the 5th of sept.

cant really compare the two nights tho coz diff music, If u had to do a fri trance night Id check out Slinky, 00 Fleming would be FAR better than Pearce (IMO).
I made the mistake of going on my first year in Ibiza, I have never heard so much rubbish music in all my life.

I don't think he played anything recent, plus he has got the personality of a gold fish. He doesn't make any effort to build up a relationship (if you can call it that, but you know what I mean) with those peeps on the dancefloor, all he does is hold one finger up in the air, and the ignores them for the rest of the night.

How does a DJ like him manage to stay on the scene, he has no style what so ever and his tunes sound like he got them out a bargain bin in HMV.

It annoys me to see DJ's like him spinning off a load of rubbish, when there are some really good DJ's out there who are really talented and are dying to get on the scene.

That's my winge over for now (could go on for hours!) ;)
Cream will always rule trance (even tho im Slightly biased!)
My very first night in Ibiza EVER was a Crasher night :)

But... Crasher's organization this year for Ibiza has either been a) very VERY S***T or b) kept under wraps- a lot.

Crasher has had problems with their nights in Ibiza in the past, I would have thought they would have finalised and confirmed everything earlier (if it was poss).

Apparently they're doin 6 nights over the season, wouldnt hold ma breath tho. Woz thinkin bout doin Crasher 4me birfday, but Coxy @ Space quite clearly wins ;) -and will prob be the cheapest ticket ill buy :D