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Digital currency will be the future but there are way too many available coins. There will be a couple of winners eventually in my opinion and Bitcoin has to be one of them

Anyhow has anyone considered investing into a minor? I am in on Argo blockchain who are on the LSE

They are focused on bitcoin and hold it. I like the idea that they can work to the cryptocurrency that provides them the greatest ROI. They are also gearing up to become green and cutting significant energy costs by the end of the year

I am hopeful they end up on the NASDAQ at some point in the future and this will boost the share price in my opinion. Its one of the greatest performing blockchain companies yet is a bargain when you compare it to RIOT or MARA on the U.S market

And lets be frank you cannot have crypto without blockchain


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That's generated so much e-waste :(
The problem with asic machines is they can't really be repurposed. And when they change the algorithm, might end up in land fill anyhow.

I'd prefer something like a wattdolar currency where you pay for electricity to be generated and stored and that is "exchanged" which you can then sell on or utilise.

Current digital currencies seem to basically just be burning electricity and selling the ashes on to the next person and the next.

All speeding up the heat death of the universe 😬


Been alot of negative news in many areas for a long period of time. Correction in prices in crypto also. Btc and Eth looks better now. And many tokens are climbing up from low prices, some might have peaked in a few days.