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I bought some Litecoin on Monday, made 33%, sold, and now in REQ, up 50% in the last 24 hours.
It does feel like a bubble though so tread carefully.


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Put in what you can afford to lose, but read up about Ethereum. Risk worth taking I think.


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A bubble that could go at anytime. Could be two days from now or two years...

Not invested. That said, I wish that I bought when I first heard about it at usd $14 per bitcoin! My arguments against buying remains the same (unfortunately as tempting as it is to buy).

My only advice is to have an exit price, gain or loss.


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I'm fully out, sold all my REQ this morning for a good profit. Will go back in at some point but going to have a weekend of not constantly checking my phone.


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I own one ether. Wish I'd bought a load more now! Same thing bought it through curiosity a little while ago...all anyone talks about at work and my "normal" mates were even enthusiastically discussing it all last night in the pub.


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I currently have 2 Ethereum. Got involved a few months back when they was £200 a coin. Looking positive and was always happy to lose the 400 so will hold out and see what happens over the coming months/years.

Coinbase is now in the top 10 free apps on apple app store so can only be a good thing the more popular it gets!!


a couple of things to mention that I have come across , since I am interested in this topic and read about it.\

good etfs
HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HIVE)

U.S. Global Investors Inc. (GROW)
DigitalX Ltd. (DCC)
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)
CME Group Inc. (CME)
Cboe Global Markets Inc. (CBOE) Inc. (OSTK)
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)
Square Inc. (SQ


on a sidenote, i am thinking of going out for the new years and i am in good spirits.

the problem with crypto currencies and blockchain is that most of them have been stolen already from hackers...

etherum and other alternatives are starting to look attractive.

that is all.


i am leaving
i love christmas and celebrating it, as I am catholic. I am not that religious however.

on the type of crypto-currencies, i think even though they are overvalued the problem is that many countries that have banned their creation or mining have basically created further problems as other countries pick up the mining. That is to say, if china stops then eastern europe continues and then africa as of now is leading the creating of bitcoin. Whatever.
The other problem is that finance measures to measure it volatility and whether or not it is overvalued , these type of universal measures have not been invented. Not like a regular stock which you can measure p.e ratios, cost to market, book value ratios etc etc.

anyways my final thoughts in this board forever.
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Bought bitcoin at 6,000 and chickend out at 10,000....then saw it go up and down (and a bit hungover/pissed) bought Sunday for 13,000 - now 17,000. I'll wait to get my cash back and leave the initial investment. it can implode anytime.


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On the back of Dirk's prediction...ive just got an account at plus500 and bought some Ethereum. lets see!


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i to have invested in a little ethereum im happy to have low expectations so let the ride begin.
i have used coinbase as the wallet? the fees seemed quite high, after depositing £500 i was left with just over £480??


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Yeah I'm on Coinbase, It's a pain trying to withdraw also..

I transfer into Coinbase, buy something, then transfer it to which currently has more or less all the coins.

REQ doing well today, will wait for a retrace and buy back in.
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Might have a look at this myself. All going well I might be able to afford to stay in den bossa and buy a few bottles of water at Hi.


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REQ are trying to be Paypal but for Crypto :)

Decent Facebook group but they're really Bull-ish - the blog and website have a load of information on it.