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When was the last time Grace Jones played the island? Was it a We Love... @ Space 2012/13/14 period?


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Good call. Plastikman Live +. Westbam 20yrs of Mayday Bangers..
If it's gonna be your last year on the island you should go out with a bang


Any review of the terrace?
I loved the last hour of Troxler b2b Richards, they played fresh but serious beats.

I watched Ricardo for almost two hours, very good despite he started with IMO) a boring and long version of Gotye’ Somebody I used to know.

A lot of girls (and the best thing, not the British ones with the green fluorescent swimsuits)

The media average maybe 35-40?
Younger people at the main room.

For better or for worse I had to work so I missed the end of the night and maybe some more in the morning.