Clubs officially opening after the COVID19 pandemic


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SW4 was always hampered by the sound restrictions of the location. Went a few times and was always OK - as long as you didn’t take it to seriously. The after parties were always much better. But agree the crowds progressively got worse and the line ups (I guess sensibly given the competition) reflect that

never bothered with WeAre... any line up with HUGE amount of DJs can’t be any good. 1 hour sets galore
SW4 was my local festival and will be again when i'm back in London, my thoughts were similar and I won't bother any more, it did seem convenient though when it's literally a 5 minute walk home. 2019 line up was crap and the planning of them seemed to be done by someone just going by the amount of followers they had on twitter or something. The genres were all over the place and you'd have the house acts on before they lowered the tempo to something complete different. Highlight of it was me and my friend just walking around making friends asking people for pills, a lot giving us some very weird looks though 😂


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SW4 only really gets turned up for the headliners and even then it's not that loud. Chase and Status in the main tent 2019 was the loudest I've heard for years, but before they came on it was really quiet. Same with the main stage...very quiet...always has been. But as you say, it is convenient (20min train ride from my local town)...and for that reason you always seem to forget about the sh*te sound by the time the next one comes around!


Eastern Electrics has a god awful crowd , same with SW4. The EE lineup isnt that horrible this year with the switchyard stage having a solid lineup.

Couldnt pay me enough to go that shit. That Essex, tech house crowd ruins every fest/club they come in contact with.


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the Warehouse Project have just announced they will be running this year! I wouldn't be surprised if they boot it off early with a few events mid / late summer even if it is just in the Concourse and not the rest of Mayfield. can imagine their usual season will be extended somehow whether its past new year or that..

I personally hope they up their game this year, last few years theres only been 2/3 nights I was interested in really.. the Tech house domination needs leaving in 2019