BPM festival expanding (brazil & portugal)


Anyone else getting a bit antsy at the lack of line up? If anyone asks on FB they just tell them to 'keep checking our socials'. They surely need to start dropping names soon or am I just being impatient?

I noticed Jospeh Capriati posted something about BPM on twitter last week. Not an actual confirmation but along those lines


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Stacy Pullen, Dubfire, Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler and Danny T have all been BPM regulars. Innervisions had parties for a few years in a row.


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check lineup announcement of BPM Mexico! from what i can find on the web it was also only two months to the event. dont worry im pretty sure they will deliver.


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Have they given any idea of possible dates for their Brazil stint? I could be there in January & would certainly pencil this into the itinerary!


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Also curious about venues, we are staying directly at praia da rocha. Hoping 'all day i dream' will be there