Balloon sellers beware


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Does anybody has experience with these guys and should they be trusted?

It seems a nice service so maybe I will rely on it:).


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Met someone flying over last year that said he uses it all the time, never tried it myself but he seemed confident in it.

Met him at DC10 a few days later and he said it all arrived fine!


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I was wondering about this, there are a few Instagram pages that claim to sell balloons and crackers in Ibiza.


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Don't think I've ever seen so many discarded NO2 canisters as I saw on the dancefloors at The Social Festival last Friday. They were literally everywhere, piles and piles of them.


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I went to a festival in Brum couple of months back. I was staggered at the amount of canisters everywhere... there were more than plastic cups!!! I really dont get why people like them, i think they are a complete waste of time!


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Does anyone know if there’s anywhere in San An that does balloon arrangements? I can only find one in S Eularia.