Balloon sellers beware


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spent a forutne on it in magaluf last year and couldnt get it to work were as my mate claimed it did and spent 80 euro on it one night. Girl in hush taught me how to do it for about 10 mins and by **** does it spend ya spinning


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this year

it is on sale at a couple of bars in the west end.. but not by the company that has done it in recent years, just by the bars indepently.


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I have never understood the big problem with it, its been around in the north of englands clubs since I first started clubbing in 2003, I used a watered down version of it for 12 hours during childbirth and Im still here lol. Its only when idiots start trying bags round their head to do it then dying it becomes a problem. It is not the gas fault, it is the idiots.


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NOS and smarties are great mix....or so I hear anyway ;) Plus, most the girls selling it in the west end seem to be sensible and level headed about wheree they sold it i.e. not near the fron tof the club.

Personally don't see the problem....just the extortionat cost of it in clubs. Can get about £1 a cannister if you do it at home with some mates to some great tunes.


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has anybody seen any this year yet :?:

Aye i had it in both privilege and amnesia. Although the stuff in amnesia didnt really work.
but yes i i did notice not as many girls selling it in amnesia as prevoius years.


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one of the girls catched in the west end selling the laughing gas ended up in prison a whole day (instead of the owner of the bar who was making a business out of it)..... when she was released she left the island and probably won't want to work here ever again, although she's been back for a quick holiday :!:

apparently there's still one bar selling it in the west end.....
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When you say selling it, what you mean, in the balloons itself or the canisters as 5 euros for a balloon is taking the piss. My mate gets his off Internet great for house parties.