Balearic, Chill Out & Sunset Music

Johnny Vodka

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I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to make a spotify playlist of single tracks in this thread? Would be much easier to listen stuff that way... press play and walk away.

Nobbie Q

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So sublime. Just discovered Jjos and he produces a lot of the deep electronic Balearic chill out I love. This track in particular is so heartfelt ❤️



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It's hard to overstate the quality of both albums Claremont 56 released previous month.

Will give those mushrooms a thorough listen tomorrow.

For now I'm totally captivated by the soundscapes of E Davd's latest album and cannot stand earthly sounds.

Final 20 minutes I've just been staring into nothingness. At the end it's almost static yet so vivid.

Will put that Juno track in the hippie dance thread.