Balearic, Chill Out & Sunset Music


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breaks my heart... these guys brought so much joy to music and helped reshape the way people understanding DJing as an artform.

Alfredo, Nelo, Cesar all came across really well in the 'Balearic' book


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The fundraiser's goal seems to be reached, for what it's worth.
What is balearic healthcare like, speaking in terms of hospitalisation quality, medical bills and insurance?

PS: That Balearic book seems to be well received overall. Neatly packed way to keep the buzz going.

PPS: I don't think Stephen Armstrong had bad intentions depicting the man. More like wrong place, wrong time, mismeeting by the book.
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Love malagueñas.

Like the story behind the track.

Songs like these rouse my interest for the use of guitar effect pedals in electronic music. I ended up with this nice little thingy:

Now over to Javier's youtube channel.


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Last couple of days I went through Segura's youtube account in the footsteps of Loic Diaz Ronda.
He has 5 albums in the offering relating to different themes/periods.
For each track he wrote down the lyrics in the video description next to the hardware he used, which is a nice bonus.
Malagueñas 2 has turned into a private video since the new release, but the original version with lyrics is still available. Seems to be some kind of melanchonic tribute to Tenerife.
It's worth mentioning track right after Malagueñas 2 is from the same year and mainly based on the same guitar effects (although the noise is less subtle)

Mostly enjoyed the Arte Moderno (new wave) and 1979-1989 (Balearic, Chill Out & Sunset Music) playlists.

Now on to Chris Rea.