Babs and Trancemaster Tom's Ibizan Adventure


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Got to airport 4 hours before flight as I was all giddy and couldn't wait any longer but somehow spent so long in bar we almost missed our flight to the point that we were running across the South Terminal as they were calling our names out :oops: So we were obviously very popular when we got on the plane :p

Got to Ibiza about 6pm, taxi straight to Es Vive, lovely hotel, we had a big room but had paid extra for seaview, believe me it's not worth it, we could see about 3cm of sea between the buildings over the road. Unpacked, went for a wander, ie. went to shop to buy vodka, wine and Marlboro lights :p

Got ready and took a little walk to Base Bar, then headed to Pacha for Opening of Pure Pacha about 1. Sarah Mann was warming up when we got in and did a good job, then Danny Howells came on and I've never been a big Howells fan (yawn) but funk me was he good. Then the godfather Mr Tony Humphries, soulful house at its best, then Tongy who was really pulling out all the stops and then back to Danny Howells who finished the night off in style. Going to add Danny Howells to my stalker list was so impressed :p Pacha was busy but not as busy as previous Openings when Ministry was on Friday but nicely packed. Excitement of the night for me was going to bar and only being stood next to David Morales (unfortunately with top on) but still got a x from him ;)

Took a walk back to hotel and the hotel has very kindly got a 24 hour bar which suits me down to ground so sat outside on terrace, me knocking back the wine, Tom on his chocolate milk :p Then who should come over to me and say 'Are you Sar?' only Jannica who had just arrived. Managed to corrupt her and lead her astray and got her on the wine, several glasses/bottles later by which point she later told me I was babbling incoherently (no change there then :confused: :p ) I fell asleep on sun lounger. Woke up a couple of hours later, hadn't a clue where I was and then this very nice lady who was leaving that night came over and gave me a 'gift' - thankyou nice lady whoever you were :D

Saturday night headed over to Kuhmaras for sunset, gorgeous sunset, Tom thinks it's cos it was June 21st so longest day and it was a spiritual occasion (I think he's just talking $hit :p ;) ) and then headed to Kasbah for food as hadn't eaten since the Friday morning and needed energy for Space. Lovely meal, got very very drunk again on the wine and poor Tom had to get me back to hotel and managed to put head down for about 4 hours before Space. Met with Jannica and Dan (Dance4Life) who is the most kindest, genuine person you will ever meet :D and there's only one thing to do on Sunday morning at 9am is to get back on wine :D So few glasses later, headed to Bora Bora, couple of vodka lemons there cos it would be rude not to and then headed to Space for around midday. That feeling of walking across the carpark hearing the music from the terrace is still as good as ever :D Get in and who is only stood inside at entrance but David Morales (I said David stop stalking me, I know you're fit but I'm taken lol :p ) actually I didn't but this time he was without top and just in pair of tracksuit bottoms, god it took so much willpower for me not to pull them down :p ;)

Jonathan Ulysses was playing on terrace, real Sunday afternoon terrace music at its best, can't remember who played after him but it was good, then who comes up to me and says 'Are you Sar?' only the lovely Pete and Sar who are the most gorgeous loved-up couple you could ever want to meet and were celebrating their wedding anniversary on the terrace (apologies if I was hard work Pete, how many times did I say you lived in Southampton :oops: :p ), after a bit Tania Vulcano came on and she was pretty dull so we all went down to Bora Bora, thru a few moves down there and headed back to Space about 6.30 ready for Daddy Rampling. I had reservations about Rampling cos last 2 Openings of Sundays have been Danny T and Erick but the boy did good. Was right down the front altho that was part to do with fact that David Morales was doing a bit of podium dancing without top and I wanted a good old perv ;) but Rampling was amazing. His last tune was Rolling Stones - Satisfaction and it was one of those 'terrace' moments :D Then Smoking Jo, again good set and then Lawler the King of the Terrace finished the night off in style-eee. The highlight of the night for Tom was spotting his second hero on the terrace (second only to the Oakmeister :p ) only Mike Skinner aka The Streets and we had a good chat with him, a really sound bloke :D Left the terrace, went down to Bora Bora, drank more, went back to hotel, drank more, have no recollection of going to sleep but Tom said it was about 5am. Woke up at 8am ready to go to DC10, felt clinically dead, but at times like this I am big believer of getting back on it :p So a couple of vodkas later headed to DC10 about 10am, pushed my poor bint body thru pain barrier for couple of hours and then was on fine form again. As far as I can remember there were no superstar DJ types turned up but all the residents were on top form. We left DC10 about 6pm for 2 reasons, 1 I went to toilet and saw this girl in there who was wearing string vest like me and the boob tube she was wearing under it had worked its way down to her waist so everything was on show, then I realised that girl was me in the mirror :oops: The shame of it, Tom maintained he hadn't noticed, likely story if you ask me :p Then reason no 2, I went to get bar stool from bar to take a sit down for 5 mins and regain my composure, I took the stool and people were saying something to me but I couldn't work out what they were saying, I go and sit on the stool and it has only got 3 legs, 1 is missing so I fall over flat on my face :oops: So at that point thought it was best to make an exit while I was still in semi-one piece, down to Bora Bora, threw a few more shapes, back to hotel, few drinks, passed out sometime about 3/4am.

Headed down to Bora Bora Tuesday afternoon to join all the Manumission Carry On Crew and threw a few moves down there to warm me up for Underwater. Drinking at hotel before we went out and who do we see who is only staying there, only Groove Armada and Darren (fit as ;) ) Emerson, too much excitement for this old bint :p Headed into Underwater about 1, met the lovely Andy and Porsha (sp?) from LA, Andy comes on here now and again and had mailed me before his hols so was fab to meet you all :D Groove Armada were funking amazing, some proper classics pulled out the bag, then it was Darren Emerson, I've always thought Darren is ok but nothing like OMG, well I don't know what's come over him but his set was absolutely amazing. Dropped things like Blue Monday, The Man with the Red Face, a couple of Underworld tracks and then he finished his set with 10CC - That's the way love is, well I tell you it almost brought a tear to this old bint's eye :p

All in all an excellent night, even Tom was really impressed cos he had been thinking about boycotting the night cos in his eyes Tuesdays are Oakie nights and was thinking about sitting outside Pacha, listening to Oakie CDs and looking a picture of Monkey face, but even he admitted that Underwater is good subsitute for Perfecto. Headed back to hotel, few drinks at the bar, you realise you have hit rock bottom when you are the only person still up drinking with Alex P and Brandon Block :eek:

Got a couple of hours kip in the afternoon, ready for Soul Heaven@Pin-Up. Felt a bit weird not doing Subliminal on a Weds night, I thought if Erick finds out he will sack me from my role as Subliminal Ambassador for London/South East :p but really wanted to see Keri Chandler. Got to Pin-Up about 8pm, few drinks and guess who we're sat next to, only the gorgeous Dfunky and Jodie, had a good old chat with them (again apologies if I was babbling a bit but every time I went to bar and asked for glass of wine the nice bar man gave me 1/2 pint for 5 euros :D ) Kerri Chandler came on terrace at 10pm and well any reservations I'd had about blowing Erick out disappeared, he was absolutely funking amazing. He finished terrace at midnight, then we went inside and he came back on again at 1am and played til 6am, well I never left the front, to the point where I think he was thinking 'who the funk is this mad blonde stalker woman :p ' I cannot stress how good he was and at the end everyone was shouting 'Sing us a song Kerri' and he kindly obliged and then came and shook everyones hand and gave me xs :D So Kerri is the Daddy :D Back to hotel, watched the sun come up, more wine, Brandon Block was passed out in bar, I'm sure he was in K hole and had to be carried to his room, so compared to him I felt like a little angel :p another couple of hours sleep and here we go again.

Thursday evening I was just binting round the pool while Tom went to see a man about a dog and I hear this 'Sarah' from the balcony of the hotel next door, 'Sarah, it's Steve'. Bearing in mind at this point I have got about 8 brain cells working and for the life of me couldn't work out who this Steve was in hotel next door, well it would have been rude not to find out and it's only the absolutely adorabale Spunkymonkey (Steve) and Antony. Once my brain started functioning again, had a couple of drinks with them and they are both fab blokes, then me and Tom headed down to Bora Bora for a few drinks before Ministry.

I would like to tell you about Ministry but it's all a bit hazy, Marc and Gareth played back to back to start with and were both excellent, then Mousse T and then Jazzy M and then it all gets a bit hazy. At one point I was smoking a cigarette and I dropped it so I'm crawling round the floor trying to pick my cigarette up, until Tom told me I was never smoking a cigarette in the first place :oops: Oh well, it certainly amused those sat next to me, the next thing I remember is Tom saying to me 'Babe, why are you hugging that post' :oops: obviously had got very attached to it :p So all in all the night is pretty hazy but I know it was good cos a lot of dancing was involved :D

Woke up Friday afternoon, in bed, full dressed including shoes :confused: which was quite bizarre but suprisingly quite comfy sleeping in shoes so I'd recommend it if you get the chance :p Realised body had somehow survived on wine and berocca for last few days so got some of that food malarky, then thought we'd have a couple of hours kip before Pure Pacha, the alarm went off and we were both '5 more minutes', next thing we wake up it's 2am and we look at each other and go 'Naaaaaaah', and went back to sleep, had a total of 12 hours in bed which was lovely. Never really been one to embrace this sleep thing in Ibiza but I'd recommend it now and again cos I woke up Saturday feeling like a new woman :D Even managed to do a bit of sunbathing :eek: Meant we missed Deep Dish at Pacha but they're playing when we go back in September so wasn't really bothered.

Saturday night had lovely meal (yes more food :p ) at KM5 and then drank lots of wine in one of the tents and just chilled really.

Then Sunday meant only one thing again, back to Space. Same procedure as last time, few drinks at hotel, down to Bora Bora about 11am, few more drinks and then hit the terrace about 12.15pm. Hector Romero was doing the Def Mix after-party and was unbelievable, then one of the Space residents (not sure who, cos at this point eyes had decided not to work properly :rolleyes: ), then Jo Mills. Met the lovely MarkSun on the terrace, we just overlapped by a couple of days but hope to get to see him when he's spinning a few tunes in London Town. Popped out to Bora Bora for an hour, got back about 6.30pm, then it was Tom Novy who was excellent and then OMG Tom Stephan, one of the sets of the holiday, somehow he managed to combine things like Hideaway, Beachball, the Gladiator song that Oakie often plays in sets (so that brought a smile to Tom's face :p ), Good Life and just loads of other random stuff that worked so well. Found a nice little podium that I claimed as my own and was throwing a few moves with MarkSun who'd claimed another podium :p :D Then Lawler finished off, even better than his set the wk before, a massive 20 minute version of P Diddy and wouldn't budge til they finally closed terrace at 12.30am. Few drinks down at Ancient People, a few more drinks at various dubious establishments on way back to hotel, finally crashed at about 5am. Had thought about doing DC10 on our last day but our bodies had properly given up on us, I ached in places that I didn't know I could ache, so yesterday just checked out of hotel, spent day chilling round pool, took a wander into Ibiza Town, got food (again :eek: ) stocked up on Marlboro lights and then got to airport about 1am, was very very drunk by this point, apparently I fell asleep as soon as I got on plane with my head on this random woman's lap, oh dear :oops:

And now back in $hitty England and home :cry:

So all in all a blinding 11 days, just warmed me up nicely for the season, and only 10 wks to go til I'm back :D

Big tunes are Lee-Carbrera and Junior Jack, everyone is caning them, lots and lots of classics popping up all over the place as well.

And big hello to everyone I met :D

So in summary:

Amount of wine drunk - approx 80 litres
Amount of vodka drunk - approx 40 litres
Other things - way too much :D
Hours sleep - apart from our marathon 12 hours, no more than 2 hours a night :rolleyes:
Proper meals consumed - 4 :rolleyes:
Weight lost - 1/2 a stone :p

Tom took our photos in to be developed so when I see them it might bring back a few memories but I think I've covered it all above.

Now I am going to sleep for a week and try and stop the shakes and get the voices in my head to shut up :p ;) :D
Aww Barbie ! AM sat chuckling away here ..

I really think we all ought to get together and tell our random ( can't be posted ) stories of Ibiza .... Can you think of what a good read they would make?!

God .. I was so much more civilised than you ... I didnt drink HALF as much!
*Saffy* said:
Aww Barbie ! AM sat chuckling away here ..

I really think we all ought to get together and tell our random ( can't be posted ) stories of Ibiza .... Can you think of what a good read they would make?!

God .. I was so much more civilised than you ... I didnt drink HALF as much!

most would be more civilized then our barb! ;) no offence heheehhe

wow weeeeeee i think i am gonna have to take that one home to read on the train!

sounds like you and Tom had a fantastic time

only hope that glasgow_chick & i have as good a holiday!
Nice one!

Sounds all good, think the summer could do with a few more big tunes though, not too sure about the 'summer of classics' that seems to be unfolding :confused:

PMSL at Peasey and blocko, the way you describe them at the bar i've seen Alex exactly the same at a hotel in N'pton :lol: ;)

Was blocko in the K hole with your little Fergie, i bet that pup lead him astray! :p
AAww Barbie .. catch up with some sleep and let your system empty .. of Barocca and anything else, and then you can look forward to your NEXT trip!
N8 said:
Nice one!

Sounds all good, think the summer could do with a few more big tunes though, not too sure about the 'summer of classics' that seems to be unfolding :confused:

PMSL at Peasey and blocko, the way you describe them at the bar i've seen Alex exactly the same at a hotel in N'pton :lol: ;)

Was blocko in the K hole with your little Fergie, i bet that pup lead him astray! :p

I think it's early days, give it a few more weeks and I bet some biggie tunes pop up, but there's nothing out there at the moment that really stands out.

Blocko and Pup Fergie, a recipe for disaster :lol:
Just managed to read this:


Like your little mishaps in Space, had me laughing out loud, shame you couldn't bring your post home with you.

Well hope you're feeling back to your old bint self soon girl.

Welcome home (unfortunately). ;) ;) ;) ;)
Got a few tips off the forum before i left, but didnt post, bit cheaky i know, so i thought i would drop something back. :rolleyes: :D

Seems like i was there the same week, but in San An Bay. Could only afford 1 night out, so picked Pacha/Underwater due to the recomendations on here. Bloody glad, PAcha is awsome, terace especially, and GA were awsome, loved the way they kept dropping a bit of 'shaking that ass' and the closing Born Slippy vs Bille Jean is one of the best mixes i have heard. Scratch perverts sucked though, seen em bofore and they have rocked, not sure what happened, but still ok, and i didnt think much to Darren Emerson, bit of a let down after Groove Amarda i guess, and had to leave to get the disco bus :(

Kuhmaras is a great place too, watched the susnset there on my birthday sipping sangria listening to some top spanish ambient stuff, very chilled, great memories

Cheers for the tips guys, definately want to go back now with more cash, and will try and catch up with people on here, as we seem to have missed out a little more guidance (like where you get the damn buses from :rolleyes: )

anyway thread hijack over, cheers
Glad you had a good one, you should have made yourself known before you went, then I could have terrorised you at Underwater :p ;) :D
top notch review barbie, had me in stiches, espec the bit about the cigarette - sounds like something i would do!!!

i love reading these cos they totally get you in the mood.......
It's a full time job keeping you kids amused, what am I going to have to get up to in September :eek: :p Maybe I'll suprise you all and have lots of early nights and romantic meals................yeah right :p :D