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Two years ago I was in an after Party in Bora Bora in a room I had never been (it's at the other side of the mirrors). It was a Matinee party on Sunday Morning, not more than 15€ entrance. From 7 am to 14.

The story was this:

We were going to sleep at 6am in the Bora Bora apartments and then... BOOM BOOM the bass began to hit just under our room. Sleeping was impossible so I went down alone and joined the party.
The room had daylight and Matinee crowd was really hard stuff (gays, trans...) It was one of the best parties I've been, really underground people and great house music.

My mates collected me at 14h for lunch and at 17h began... Space 25th Anniversary. I remember a huge set of Morillo, Cesar de Melero, Nina Kraviz and Fatboy Slim

I lasted dancing till 4am CET when my body totally collapsed. The hangover was really painful but it was worthy


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Name a couple of parties if you can ;)
well the usual suspects really...but I won't be able to tell where those afters will be.

but here we go, I think these parties will do afters:

coxy closing
elrow closing
paradise closing
afterlife closing
music on closing
cocoon closing
mosaic closing
hyte closing
amnesia closing
solomun+1 closing
circoloco closing


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2 years ago when Music On was finished (9:00) i was screaming: where's the afterparty!!??
An Italian guy took us in his car and drove us to L'Elephant (the restaurant in San Rafael). Here was Joey Daniel playing. A lot of nice people and good music. 4 o'clock we went home, totally f*cked, haha.
Just ask everyone and you will find a after ;)


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now u can guess why even its more fun to hangs with boys sometimes we have to be with girls :arrow:

Solomun plus Ame , secret after party ... All day long ... Till midnight PM for guest list (dress code: Black or grey bikinis) each boy need to bring with him 3 girls to get in. Not my villa not my rules

I wish i were in ibiza today :D


Sant Josep stop an illegal party in Benimussa with more than 200 participants

The Local Police of Sant Josep yesterday stopped an illegal party in a home where Benimussa had gathered more than 200 people. It was the mayor, Josep Marí Ribas, who alerted the police after encountering chaos caused by the beginning of the party when he was in the area.

The incident occurred around 09:45 hours on Sunday, when Marí Ribas driving his vehicle on a road Benimussa and ran into a circulatory collapse. By lowering the vehicle, he found several neighbors who informed him that it was detecting a large influx of people going to a private house, presumably to an unauthorized party. In addition, some participants were berating residents of the area who had come to complain about the situation. The mayor alerted the local police of the facts and claimed his intervention.

Dj, food and drink

The agents appeared at the house and found that there was a DJ and various professional music equipment. It had also enabled an area like bar with refrigerator and there were two people serving food. In addition, two mobile toilets had been installed and there were two people who were apparently exercising security functions.

The police ordered the landlord, that partner was shown at all times, to proceed to vacate the property. Once attendees left the housing 220 people, 28 cars and 5 motorcycles were registered, although some people kept coming further down the road.

Entrance to 20 euros

Some of the partygoers said that they had paid an entry of 20 euros and had bought at a popular nightclub on the island. However, nobody wanted to create a complaint in the police report, a situation that in accordance with the crowded, would have been motivated in part by pressure and comments from other attendees. The police did not observe that there was a cash register or that they were charging in the same building. Meanwhile, the organizer of the party said to the agents that it was holding a birthday three friends and was not charging any entry.

Once restored normalcy in the area, officers develop the mandatory report, which has been transferred to the appropriate municipal department to value the opening of disciplinary proceedings.
Are there any after parties on the island any more other than what goes on in private villas? I haven't been for a few years and being able to 'carry on' was all part of the experience. There must be some things still going on? I'm returning next weekend so any tip offs will be appreciated.


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I'm afraid the after hours business is really limited to villas these days. there are normally a few exceptions during the closing party period, but for the rest of the season it's villas really.


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Are there any after parties on the island any more other than what goes on in private villas? I haven't been for a few years and being able to 'carry on' was all part of the experience. There must be some things still going on? I'm returning next weekend so any tip offs will be appreciated.
The cave i think but thats a secret location
I remember once marching around the side streets of San An looking for some party we'd been tipped off about. We somehow ended up in a group with some African trick turners, some lads who sounded appeared to be on an Eton School excursion and my best mate dressed in tight gold hotpants and a sailors hat. It was like a poor mans version of the video for Fat Les - Vindaloo.

We didn't find the party.

As for that picture above i'm sure ill be able to describe that to a Ibizan Taxi driver at 5am. Do these Cave soiree's happen every night? 'Take me to the rock with carvings of some fish and shit' o_Oo_Oo_O