a new life, or not.........


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Haha thanks for your concern. It has always been that I'd never move without her. But I'm getting more and more bored with the life in UK. Do you think I could go over start of season. Find a restaurant/bar that's open all year and potentially be kept on? Obviously I know it will be part time in winter. I've been mulling over going before season next year. Thus giving me enough time to save more/learn Spanish/take my driving test. I obviously care for my woman but I fear if I don't do something soon and before I know it I'll be middle aged and bitter against her and the world cause I never grew the balls to take the leap. How old are your kids? Could you not take them with you?


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Learning Spanish is a big part of settling into life in Ibiza so would definitely recommend getting a head start in that before going over, will be a big help in getting a job.


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I am moving to Ibiza on 25th of April. I love the island, I fell inlove with it last summer. If anyone wants to meet up sometime, to have a chat or just chill out- message me :)