a new life, or not.........

Discussion in 'Moving to Spain' started by Bakerman, Jan 9, 2006.

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    This relationship is doomed pal. Make the move. There will be other ladies in your life but you will never get your time back to do what you want, which is move to Ibiza.
    You shouldn't have to convince someone else, especially not for 4 years. This is your dream, not hers.
    Trust me, I was in a similar situation. I waited too long though, until kids were involved. Now theres no chance of me moving permanently and leaving my kids behind. I couldn't do that. Doesn't stop me mentally torturing myself over the whole thing though. Its not all about me anymore but it is still all about you. So do it!!! I can't stand by here and watch another woman wreck another mans Ibiza dreams.
    The time is now friend
    Be who you need to be
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    Haha thanks for your concern. It has always been that I'd never move without her. But I'm getting more and more bored with the life in UK. Do you think I could go over start of season. Find a restaurant/bar that's open all year and potentially be kept on? Obviously I know it will be part time in winter. I've been mulling over going before season next year. Thus giving me enough time to save more/learn Spanish/take my driving test. I obviously care for my woman but I fear if I don't do something soon and before I know it I'll be middle aged and bitter against her and the world cause I never grew the balls to take the leap. How old are your kids? Could you not take them with you?

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