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Discussion in 'Moving to Spain' started by Bakerman, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Arrived today, weather is amazing! Got a busy day tomorrow but a free weekend, hopefully find something to get up to :)
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    Brilliant mate thanks, got all these bookmarked for when I get back which has been delayed a bit due to work......next summer is looking mighty fine!
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    your cut out and keep guide to moving to Spain:

    1. have money to fall back on IF it goes to shit. You'll need it. And lots of.
    2. learn the language (Spanish ahead of Catalan, but people will be impressed if you make effort on both)
    3. get on top of the red tape. getting an NIE can be an absolute ballache. also check your healthcare options. I think the E111 or EU healthcard is up in the air post-Brexit but I've received contradictory advice on this. also check your tax status if you're self-employed. the 'declaraciones' are a total minefield
    4. don't take a UK car unless you're going to convert plates after 6 months. you're better off getting a local one, unless you want to play cat/mouse with the cops. UK licence is ok (for now..)
    5. distinguish going to live somewhere from going on holiday there. real life can be frustrating/depressing, even in paradise
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    very very good resume, very realistic approach this!
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    Much as I love Spain, sometimes I do find myself going mad. Especially when things don't get delivered, people/transport don't arrive on time, or you don't know if people are working on a puente, and as for queuing, forget it! I know that all sounds like lazy northern European stereotypes of the Spanish but even today there is still some truth in it (in BCN anyway). The quality of life is great in some ways, climate, hours, food, low crime rates but sometimes the vibe is just a little too relaxed when you actually want to get shit done....
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    yeah that's true. for me as a swiss citizen it was pretty bad getting used to the fact that almost nothing works on a reliable basis (or on time). but there's no way around it - and the climate makes more than up for it for me personally!
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    From the land of world-class watchmaking.... :lol:
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    Good advice, thankfully most of it does not apply to me, wish number 1 was one of them though!! haha

    So finally all set to move in, can't wait to see the place in Spring.
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