___ Radio One Weekend 2010 ___

Grego, I am intrigued, tell me more... Is the 6th/7th 100%, thought it would be but didnt want to book it and it be the 31stJuly 1st August...
Last time Aug 1st was on a Sunday was in 2004 and Radio 1 was on Aug 6/7th that year... Hopefully it's the same this year!!

I'm starting to plan my 7th trip to the island! :D
Yeah we're organising our holiday around the Radio One weekend. We've been and seen pretty much everything so want to see what the atmosphere is like around this weekend. A night of Cream in Priv. excites me aswell if its to happen.

On a different note, if true about DC10 being open this year - fantastico
I would be careful about booking flights before anythings announced, last year was earlier than normal so I'm going to wait rather than guess the dates xx
I'm coming to Radio One weekend as well (and as always), so i'm waiting for 100% official confirmation for that and then i'll book a flight... bring it on!