2004? 10days/2weeks..?


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lame question.. But do you reckon next year will be as good as previous years??
Ooh, and we went for a week this year, but is it better to spend 10days or 2 weeks over there...?
i always go for around 7 days....but 10 would be more ideal.

next summer, it could be 2 weeks....but if it is 2 weeks, then i would need to learn the art of 'pacing ones self'.

dont fancy coming home in a body bag.

personally, everytime i go to ibiza....it always gets better. so yeah, next year will be better than this year :)

I went 10 days this year and although it seemed quite a long time when i was there for some reason i didnt do nearly all the things i'd planned... prob because i was so trolleyed after all days/nights clubbing. So next year plan on two weeks so i can spread out my nights and feel more relaxed. Plus there is so much to do beside clubbing and cause it was my first time its like i had to go out everynight :oops: Renting a car has its advantages too so you can get out and see the rest of the island and all it has to offer.
/\ spot on /\

i want to see more of the island, as well as fitting in a couple of dc10 and sundays@space sessions.

7 days out there is the reason i came back shattered.
luurvley! 2 weeks it is!! :D Thanks!

Oh.. and better to go July, or August..? or doesnt it make a difference..

uni?! -Id rather be wrecked in Ibiza than in uni (lets face it, all u do at uni is get wrecked!) ;) :p
I've done one week, 10 days, and one month. With a week stay you feel as if you're cramming everything in -- parties, after parties, the whole works. When I was there this summer for one month I felt more relaxed, we went to parties about 2-3 x week and had time to explore the island and just chill out. The longer you can go -- go for it (2-weeks)!
this year was my 3'rd year running and it gets better and better.

The 1'st time I went was for two weeks, the 2'nd was for 1, and this year for two.

I honestly dont think a week is enough, even two weeks, so next year im doing 4months. From mid june onwards, will obviously have to work but im hopping to save some cash before hand to go out.

Only bad point is i'll have to leave my job of 6 years :cry:
I went for 10 days and no way is it long enough. Not only did i only get to go to one We Love Sundays, Underwater etc, but i almost killed myself trying to cram everything in that i wanted to do :p Although, i'll probably do the same next year when i go for 2 weeks :D :rolleyes: Just stay as long as you can possibly afford to!!
This year I went for 3 weeks and it still wasen't enough. I could spend a hole season there and still not have enough time :confused: :D
lived over there for 2 seasons. first year back in the uk this year. went for 10 days, not long enough, going for another 8 days on the 26th know its not gonna be long enough
im counting down the days already til i can move back out there to do the full-blown 2004 season. for holiday if you dont care how packed go july or august dont really matter but i prefer june and september. :)
I was out there last week for a week and was absolutely knackered when I got home. I think that 2 weeks is ideal as you can cane the first week and take it easy for the second week.

Jet apartmetns for me again last year. They were awesome
kazza: Where did you work when you lived on Ibiza? I asume that you did work, or maybe you're just very rich :)