10 ways Ibiza will change in 2019

Big Wox

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I don’t think it was too bad an article. Be interesting to see how his predictions pan out.

I think his OBC and outdoor day time parties prediction will be correct. All you hear at the airport is “we”re doing Ocean Beach on this day or Ushuaia on that day”. No different I suppose back in the day when we all asked each other if going to Manumission on Monday or Cream etc.

Diary and review this time next year to see how accurate it turned out to be.

Big Wox

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Perhaps could have a 2019 Predictions thread. Where specific predictions are listed / bulleted (separate from the gossip thread).

Bragging rights can then be awarded at the end of the season :D


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OCB is obviously doing brilliant and fair play to them!

But iv never ever thought of it as a clubbing event (even daytime clubbing)

Perhaps that's wrong as they do have headkandi days etc


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Most people I know who do Ibiza now are mainly going for Ocean Beach, Ibiza Rocks, maybe a day at Ushuaia, perhaps DC10 on a Monday for Instagram.

‘Clubbing’ in the classical sense of the word is definitely in decline. But then again I often think that if I went to Ibiza without being too into a particular type of music and found myself spending 50 Euro on many of the average club nights at Hï, most of the nights at Pacha etc I probably wouldn’t be too fussed on it either.


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Maybe for them is better going to ushuaia and dancing till midnight than going from 2am/3am till 6 am at hi...sincerely I am missing the days when circoloco was burning from 4pm...you can go in a club at night whenever you want...clubbing during the day was magic

Kim Wrong Un

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all the elements are conspiring against traditional clubbing because the traditional clubs in people's home towns are being wiped out or replaced by late bars, pop-ups or one-off daytime festies so the culture has changed and people take that on holiday (not just UK btw - this is happening everywhere). add to that the fact that memories of acid house are fading, whilst rnb, latin or their various mutant subforms are in the ascendancy. and then add to that the fact that we are possibly witnessing the vainest, most image-obsessed generation of people in history. do people even take pills at IR or OCB?


I feel bad for es paradis I’m not that bothered about Eden, but Christ the amount of people that walk past es paradis too ocean beach and don’t know the history of that club is crazy!


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Since when has OCB been "affordable"? From what I've heard drinks prices are still on the high side! I must be in the wrong job :eek:
My thoughts exactly. Also how many times do they wanna mention OBC and Ibiza Rocks!? Misleading headline to say the least