your perfect clubbing nite out?


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Starting off with a nice tan somewhere calm in Ibiza, then driving into San An. so Mambo´s or somewhere nearby for Sangria in the sun around 4´ish....after that, up to the room - get dressed, put on a light makeup, wear sandals and casual yet sexy outfit and then off to Savannah og Kasbah to watch the sun go down, have a few snacks and some drinks and then off to KM5/Bambuddhas Grove/Villa Mercedes or something else/new for a nice light meal and Viña Sol with soda.....
then back to our terrasse at the hotel for a pre-party, bubbles of crystal and off to Amnesia VIP or Privelege to have fun! ;) ;) ;) ;)
Ibiza-girlie said:
KM5/Bambuddhas Grove/Villa Mercedes

wait wait wait!! :eek:

you better go for dinner to villa mercedes because when you leave san antonio you
get lost!! :lol:

(only joking ;) )

hehe yeah like the time i missed my reservation at B.G I BET that is the incident you are thinking about, when we drove all the way to Santa Eulalia an it was situated on the road to San Juan -. arghhhh
IG that sounds nice (also cept for the makeup and stuff) lol i would wanna spend the day lounging aroudn i nthe sun and stuff, go back to where i'm staying take a shower, get changed, go to a bar watch the sunset, get something to eat at a nice restaraunt, go back to the hotel, change into something a lil better for "clubbing" then go out dance have a few drinks, mayeb get plastered lol then stumble back to where ever i'm staying at like 8am after watchingthe sun rise lol
awww yes that indeed sounds just like the perfect treat doesnt it? and naturally listening to the perfect chillout from the dj in the bar, whilst zipping on a huge bowl of juicy fruity sangria, ahhh........... :D :D :D
AHHHH is right omg.... i wish i was there right now lol..... i'm stuck here in our -3 C weather (27 F) so cold it's going to be -10 C (14 F) tonight!! ahhh cold.. and i live by the ocean so we have wind!!! ARG! i could use a nice warm sunset right now ::dreams::
oh, but living by the ocean is great! We got ourselves a good new apartment which we wil move into the 1st of June, and the place is situated with views all over the harbor and copenhagen sooo heavenly!
At first dinner at Coastline or Kanya during sunset with a bottle of white wine in the cooler. After that some drinks at the same place and then by taxi to one the clubs where that night hell goes loose ;)
Mine would be: A meal at Kashba followed by endless champagne party at Coastline with a load of top DJ's doing mini sets after the perfect sunset. 8)

Then being picked up in some rather stylish transport (im thinking Kevin & Perry here) and being taken to Amnesia for a wicked night. After much dancing near the ice/smoke machine Leave there around 7am and head to Ibiza Town for breakfast. Watch the sun come up (this would be in September obvioulsy).

After being revived head down to Space for some daytime fun going between inside Space and chilling on the terrace. Refuel on Food at Passion in PDB and finish the night or day (I suppose :eek: ) at Bora Bora. Then head back to San An for the sunset and wind down. The ultimiate 24 hour party :idea:

Back home and bed.

After describing it - it sould pretty much like what I do anyway :p - except all the champagne, DJ's, transport etc :(
That sounds fun too! I think that would go for a 24 hour day.... i have a few different days i have in mind...... a 24 hour day, relaxing day, if i was seeingsomeone a romantic day haha, etc
fraz thats just great....i´d pretty much do the same IF IF IF I could stay awake! I usually crash around 6 in the morning! exhausted!
my perfect day/night would be:

Leisurely waking up around 10.00am - breakfast on the terrace of my lovely villa, relaxing all day reading. listening to quality tunes, dipping into the pool when all gets too hot...... chill, swim, read, eat fresh fruit, chill some more, go down to Khumaras for sunset and a few drinks, maybe grab a bite to eat or come back to the villa, prepare a sumptuous feast to line stomaches for the madness that will no doubt ensue during the night, get ready, drive to San An, dump the car, couple of drinks in Bar M, move on to whatever club we are visiting that night, taxi back to villa, carry on party! laze around the pool - try to eat, then when sleep finally comes, slump into the cool dark bedroom ( aircon will have been left on since we left the villa the night before - bliss).... wish I was there now! :D
just had my perfect clubbing night out.

In the middle of nowhere, on the beach, free party with about 30 drummers doing tribal. About 500 people. Later, the most amazing dj doing hard tech-house. Amazing!!!