Wuts fav bar in Ibiza?


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Bar Zuka

its just above the Base bar
drinks are half the price
you can sit on the balcony and watch the action down below
and the owner Mark is the man

see my first ever post for full details of why i lurvvvv the place so much


Lol @ Bo's bar, messup central ;) :lol:

I liked Cube in Ibiza and Orange corner in San an best last year.


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Would like to check out Warhol in Ibiza town, but looks a little un-inviting from the outside when we've walked past :confused:

McRackin posted a pic of the interior a while ago, it looked OK i suppose.

Is it free to anyone or is it a member place ......... anyone?


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it's like a normal bar. you don't pay to go in but you pay for drinks. in summer it's open 8-4 every day

i've heard it's owned by the fellow who has the atelier clothes shop on the vara de rey and so attracts a fashionable crowd - but don't quote me on that.