Would you go back to ibiza alone



Say you went last year...and you loved it so much that you have to go back but you can't convince your friends to go...would you say f#$k it and go alone....

has anyone done this....what is it like :)....i'm still trying to convince them they are 85% there...

anyways your thoughts
if it i was a choice of going to ibiza on my own or not going at all, i would go on my own....
me too, i went in Sept last year, and it was cool. I met with my friends who flew in later, but I could easily do it, no problem! :p
what would you do though...the accomoadations would be pretty damn expensive......and wouldn't it be wierd meeting people..i've never gone on a vacation by myself...but i dont' want to miss it either...anyone going the same time i am :)....wanna meet up aug28-sep7
I have always wanted to go on a vacation on my own, but would probably prefer some desolate greec Island without any other tourists...just me, a bottle of chilled whitewine, a greek salat with olives, fetacheese and tomatoes....some garlic bread....yummy! Going to Crete in the beginning of May, that place is so pretty too...But Ibiza will always be a must-do every year .-)
allright this is starting to make me feel a whole lot better :) thanks people.......

It doesn´t metter whether you go alone or not, the most important that it´s Ibiza!! :)

By the way, I travel a lot on my own.
Anna, wanna meet up if you're alone i'm alone....we wont' be alone anymore :) :D :eek: 8) :) :lol: :p
I think it's good to travel alone every now and then. If you travel alone you will get to know yourself a bit better.... and then you'll have to meet new people if you don't wanna be alone all the time. well that's my opinion... I'll be traveling for a month or so somewhere around Ibiza & Mallorca all by myself in the end of April
Wow that's awesome NRG......that's true i guess you can truly connect with yourself when you are alone....and seeing beautiful things at the same time :)
I think it depends on the person. I dont think I could do it.
I used to live with 4 friends in a big house. I just moved into a flat on my own about 4 months ago and I have to say I hate it. Thought I woud like it as I may get my own space and not have to nag about cleaning the place up etc etc but I miss all of that and the good craic and nights out we used to have. Hence Im moving back soon. Yippeee!!!
Think the same would go for a holiday, for me anyway.
It also depends on how outgoing you are.
go it alone

Yeh, i went out there on my own two summers ago, and I had a wicked time. I went out there and got a lovely job, nice flat and nice bloke, met nice people. Definitely recommend it.
Going alone

Im afraid that ive now got the pleasure of going alone in July my girlfriend has split with me go im off to the white island on my own and its my first visit, to make matters worse ive tried booking into the Hostel Mari but now their website prices are all screwed up!!!!!!!!
well...... to be honest i have same reason to go alone, my girlfriend left me after many years of living together and started to date with a friend of mine... that sux big time but what can you do? and you never know who is waiting behind the next corner. and when you are traveling you don't have to think about the bad things back home :)
I'm going first week of september with some friends, you're more than welcome to meet up with us mate :D
I've travelled alone quite often. I spent 4 months in Europe travelling and had the time of my life. I dont have a problem with it as im a pretty independent person, perhaps being an only child has something to do with that. But if you want to go somewhere then you should do it alone, dont wait around b/c you wont ever experience it unless you do. I am going to Ibiza alone for the first time this June and i would think anyway that if there is anywhere that you could go and meet like-minded cool people then Ibiza is where its at. It what you make of it and you shouldnt be afraid to do something by yourself. It will make you a stronger person for it thats for sure and you never know what may come your way. Think positive and carry a smile and good things will happen!! ;) :p
i spent about a week on my own last yr when i planed to work out there,then totally unexpectedly my mates little brother came out there with his pals,in the end one of his mates stayed out there with me for the rest of the summer,i must admit before he came out i felt a little strange and isolated being on my own as i had not done anything like this before in my life but as the week wore on i was getting to know people really quick and starting to adapt to a new life,i hardly knew my mate but in the end we became really good mates,so no matter what your guarenteed to make new freinds out there whatever the outcome.