World Cup Qualifiers


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I'm happy enough with Ireland's 2-1 win over Georgia, at times we looked very good but did have a tendenacy to slack off and Georgia nearly punished us once or twice but overall a deserved victory, what a howler from the Georgia keeper for our 2nd goal:lol: congrats to Glenn Whelan on his first International goal.

Had to laugh at our silver haired Italian manager Giovanni Trapattoni in the post match interview, he would start off was speaking in broken English then all of a sudden he start talking Italian and his Interperter would have to translate then he would go back to speaking broken English again:lol: still very hopeful he'll do a good job,he has all the credentials anyway.

Shocking result for Scotland losing 1-0 to Macedonia:eek: Wales only beat Azerbaijan 1-0 at home, half time in the Andorra v England game and England still haven't scored (realistically they should score at least 4/5 goals against this lot)
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2-0. No doubt the papers will murder them.

I did not think, in patches, we were too bad. We did look like excited kids playing for the first time tho.

Convinced the fear generated by a bonkers media and over expectant public = no joy pretty much forever.

Someone should do a PHD in why we are sh ite, as I have never read or heard a coherent reasoned argument (cert not from me...)
Thought England were better than last time they beat Andorra.
Key game will be Croacia. They'd be happy with a point.

spain beat Bosnia 1-0, shouldve been 4 or 5, lots of missed chances.. played well.
Chewie said it job done. If England win 8 nil they are expected to and if they win 2 0 then they get slaughtered for it. Games like this you just want to get the job done and get out of there without any injuries or bookings really. The test is Wednesday which i think we will get a result there.

Had a nice little touch with having Macedonia, Lincoln, Brentford and Slovakia all winning which picked up 60 sheets Saturday from a £3 stake which was promptly spent by missus and kids shopping yesterday.
Ireland face a much tougher test when we face Serbia & Montenegro on Wednesday but im hopeful we'll get the desired result.:)
I really dont know who'll win in England's game tonight..
Can't wait for it though, should be interesting.

Spain have an easy match with Armenia, anything less than 3 and i'll be disappointed
Nice to see that the England camp have got their priorities all in order!!

quote from JT this morning:

"none of the lads are worried about the game as most of them have recently played in the champs league in bigger games than this" :eek:

so there you go, the captain confirms in one statement what we have suspected for ages that club glory is more important than earning the right to compete at the worlds greatest sporting event!! :spank:
And a happy Wednesday morning to you too, MWG :D

I think England & Croatia to draw, Ireland to eek it out past Montenegro, Russia to thwack Wales, Armenia in shock draw with Spain :eek:

Yep I have backed England to draw and also Scotland and Ireland. Done all 3 results 1-1.

Think England should be ok out there and may even nick it.

Russia will give the Welsh a proper going over tonight. But it's a funny old game as Greavsie said.
not a chance ;)

jjinit, I agree with you regarding those comments. Surely spending this summer at home wouldve taught them something!

yeah..."fook the slog of some silly tournament it's 3 weeks in vegas on da piss for me!!"