Win a set in BORA BORA, post your mix!!

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More competitions.........great prize for someone here.

But we'll need the participation of all forum members to make this work properly

A 2 hour set in Bora Bora
2 nights accommodation in the Jet complex for 2 people

The winning set will take place on Wednesday 9th September
The Accommodation will be for 8th and 9th September for 2 people

Simply post your original mix in a new thread in the Mixes for Downloading & Listening forum.
Mixes should be broadly Bora Bora style, so house, electro, tech all ok.
No out and out bangin techno, minimal or chill out. (if you win and start playing this, someone will probably boot you off the decks!)

Make sure the thread title starts with BORA BORA COMP

Forum members can vote for their favourite mix by:

- clicking into each thread
- clicking rate thread at the top right of the thread
- rating the thread from 1 to 5 stars (it is only possible for each forum member to vote once)

All mixes most be original work.
They must have been posted in 2009.
The closing date for posted a mix is 16th July.
The highest rated thread on 1st August wins the prize.
You must be over 18 years old.
If the mix of winning thread cannot accept the prize, the next best thread will be chosen.

Good luck to everyone!!!
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people who re-logged in as new users and people who have never contributed to the rest of the forum, should be disqualified imo. Otherwise, it makes a mockery...
people who re-logged in as new users and people who have never contributed to the rest of the forum, should be disqualified imo. Otherwise, it makes a mockery...

I totally agree with Olly! Got the strange feeling that the scores aren't 'right' on some mixes. Some mixes average below 3 stars, while as you read all the commentaries this should be more!
I think people have been voting other mixes 1 star so their mixes do better. I think the whole thing is a con and it would have been better off a panel of judges chosing the best mix rather than leaving it to a public vote. :spank:

edit to add - an annonymous mix aswell, so no favouritism would be shown.
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A bit like the Eurovision song contest !
Could Malta win this year ?
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The vast majority of posters in this competition have joined the forum since it (the comp) started.
They are obviously loyal to their favourite.
It's been a boost to the membership of course,but how many will hang around (when fave dj does'nt win) :x
DJDaveThatcher and Mark were both on 3.0 yesterday and now they're both on 2.5... They must have had 20 votes each today too, smells a bit fishy to me!
Surely anyone who voted 0 or 1 star must be suspect?! I mean does anyone genuinely listen to a mix they hate, even half of it, and then be bothered to vote it down?! :lol:
So... The competition is over? And none of the mixes have more than 2 stars...

What will happen next then? Will you make a "jury" and listen to all of the mixes with 2 stars and decide who wins?

At least that would be most fair...

Or have you decided a winner already? In that case, who?

I hope some people with knowlegde of the partyscene, the music and ofcourse Bora-Bora will determine a justified winner of this competition. This contest was rigged from the beginning :(.
i'll explain all tomorrow.

you can still seperate the mixes, if you hover over the stars it tells you the exact average.

however, a winner will be picked based on what happened before the last few days when there was obviously a load of stupidity going on.
my mix has gone from 2.something down to 1.80 in the last few days which i find odd, no comments sayin what was up with it or anything..its a bit dissapointing really.. oh well i hope the person who has summat to do with this is happy with themselves knowing they aint got there by real merit and by other means.. you should be proud of yourself, if your as good as the votes say you are then there would be no need for the mass fllood of dodgy votes over the past few days... rant over lol.....
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I think that the rules once fixed not to be changed on the march.

It is evident that the system of voting have his failures, but nobody is I throw nothing out of the procedure, a vote for user and until August 1.

Many people have many fans that previously not register to this forum, and that informed well, I throw everything what they have could because his favorite deejay was winning.

I think that this contest to be to use as rules for in futures not to commit the same mistakes, and to put a minimum of time registered in the forum to be able to vote, or that residents were choosing deejay in bora bora or professional relations.

It is my think ;)

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The best is that some threads has more votes than listenings, which you can see specially by soundcloud users. lol
that explains it. i've been swamped with new users over the last week or so all from the same ip address (in malta) or all from the same few companies. i didn't realise it was connected with this (i'd never even looked at it before) but in any case i deleted hundreds of them (thinking it was some kind of spam attack)
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