Who is the best house DJ in the world ?

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Ok everybody. What house DJ controls you like a puppet. Who just brings you up, brings you down, and makes you run all around. What DJ knows what buttons to press and you just get totally wrapped up in the music they are playing. ?????? :D
does this count for just house music or does it also include trance, techno etc.
but for house music its prob :
erick morrillo.
Masters At Work - seeing them live on four decks. Even the other DJ's go out to see those two. And they play 'proper' house music.
for just how infleuntial they've been, and they are also pretty damn good, i'd go 4 frankie knuckles or david morales. but out of the more recent guys, yeah id agree with morillo!! :lol:

There are others that come close second but it's Erick baby who'll always be no 1 in my eyes lol!
Yeah, Erick rules. I have a funny story about the night I saw him for the first time. It was Pacha last summer, and I was so tired after staying up for like three nights in a row that when we got there my legs were actually shaking. (For all those who checked out our Ibiza pics, this was the night I wore the cool silver pants. :lol: )Then about 1:30 rolled around and Erick hit the decks. Well you know that saying that time flies when you're having fun?? It was like I blinked my eyes and it was 8 in the morning. He is sooooo freaking sick. I decided to show my appreciation for him by buying his Subliminal Sessions 2 CD and I wanted him to sign it. So afer his set in my drunkeness I climbed up on the bar so I could reach the DJ booth for him to sign the CD. When I handed it to him he smiled but gave me a wierd look. "You want it over the plastic babe???" he goes. I was so gone I did not take off the plastic wrap! People started swarming in to talk to him, and I got so nervous trying to rip the plastic off fast that I broke two nails in the process. He signed it beautifully and also squeezed my hand. Sigh, what a cutie puh tootie.
I got 4 kisses of him when he played at Pacha London last year, OMG I was a disgrace, I was there pouting and simmering, trying to act all cool and talk to him about his set...............my b/friend was pi$$ing himself at me and I didn't realise why til we got in my friends car to go home and I see myself in the mirror and my normally sleek blonde locks (well kind of :rolleyes: ) had turned into this huuuuuge big blonde afro :p Poor Erick, I think I've scared him away from London Town forever more pmsl!!!

But yay he is the absolute Daddy of House Music............fit as funk as well LOL!
sorry, you guys forgotten the king

the one and only



Charlotte Birch could happily control me like a puppet, or in any way she saw fit ;)