Who has booked for 2019?


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Waiting on best mate and his partner, got flights/hotel in mind late Aug, they’ve got their hands full at minute after taking new born baby home from hospital yesterday...don’t wana peck their heads for passport numbers etc 🙃


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We have flights but no accommodation yet for July 18th - 26th ... Looks like no September trip for us this year but hopefully will return again for Solomun closing mid-October ... Currently looking at Hotel Puerto in Ibiza Town which appears to be having a major refurbishment and going to 4 star (from 2) but pretty good price given that its July ...


Trying to decide between Hi Opening (18 May) and Elrow Opening (2 weeks later)... the second weekend has stupidly expensive flights, farking half term sh1te.


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I am VERY glad you pointed that out... FAIL.

This complicates matters further, LOL.

Will probably wait for both lineups to flesh out before booking anything then.

both weekends will be cool that much I can tell you

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I'm debating whether to do a solo trip for the first time in May. My fave house band SOR are playing a festival the week before half term and one of the guys from it has told me to come on my own (as I cant find anyone to go with) 🤔 I've never been on holiday on my own before (well flown somewhere)