Who has booked for 2019?


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Nothing like a flight from Scandinavia £££££££££££, but Ibiza will always be Ibiza


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Where you flying from? A one stopper via Madrid or Barca can be mega cheap.
London Gatwick and we actually flew back via Madrid the past two years which was ideal - much cheaper, luggage included, better flight times and chilled passengers.

However, my husband is flying out on his own on the Friday of IMS to meet me so just wants to get there asap. Unfortunately, it's the start of half term so prices are crazy. One year, we will book the day flights go on sale!

Life of Rye

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First day back at work after Ibiza :(....

I fell in love with Ibiza again after this trip.....didnt have the best clubbing nights though!! I changed from my usual nights this year to other nights....Next year will go back to Solomon and Music on again!
I am sure you mentioned before that you really disliked the music at musicon?


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Not sure if i’ll be able to go next year due to current work situation

Left the island this year thinking next trip we’d try out of season but not sure how i’d feel doing no clubbing at all during a visit.

As i said somewhere else i think a compromise would be to go end of sep/beginning Oct and clubbing wise base the holiday on Cocoon closing

We will see....