which beach do you prefer



which beach do you refer or do you visit any of the samll islands
formentura if thats right.?
I´ve only been to a few of them. Made a horrible mistake the first 2 times I went there and stayed on that horrible beach in SAN AN - Before they improved it....it was bad! Also Calla Bassa - too "tourist´ish". But nice.... :evil:

Nope last time I went I visited Bora Bora (ok, but wauw! 11 E for a sunbed!) and there were way too many people and annoying planes flying over the beach all the times...did´nt like that, even though I know I might get shot for saying that in this Forum (go ahead! bite me!) :p

I went to Calla Vadella outside santa Eulalia, that was nice! More of a quiet resort and not so crowded - also Calla d´HORT is supposedly very nice. Check out the beaches on this site....
Normally the first beach I can rest my weary head on after night out clubbing :rolleyes:

Tend to spend most days at Bora Bora, been to Salinas a few times, really liked that and managed to get to Formentera once.............that was fab, it is like different world, you come back feeling all chilled and refreshed. Problem is most days in Ibiza I can't even contemplate getting on boats etc :rolleyes:
1---> Illetes in formentera (its a must)
2---> Espalmador
3---> Cala Conta
4---> Ses Salines (The chiringuito there is the best on the island, great champagne sangria)
5---> Aigües Blanques (Chiringuito there does very good sandwiches specially the beef ones)
6---> Tagomago, its really nice but u have to go by boat

Go north and try S'Illot - just past Xarraca, on the main road to Portinatx, it's crowded if there are a dozen people on it. Plenty of room on the sand rock formations or on the fishing boat runways for the nude sunbathing - and the snorkelling(?) is apparently superb in the crystal clear water. Plus 20 feet above the beach is an excellent bar/restaurant where you can enjoy a drink and/or a meal in the shade of the pine trees - enjoy!
I can see that quite a few of you mention Cala Jondal as a favourite beach.
There used to be a great place there called Bar Particular , really chilled out with a v cool vibe. I went there in mid June last year but, it was closed. Does anyone know if the place just reopened later in the season or has it been completely closed down?
im feelin a bit shameful after readin all your posts on this topic, cause last year i never went to 1 beach in ibiza!

terrible i know, but this year im makin up 4 it. im goin to hire a car and take off round and see the beautiful island i missed last year.

to be honest all i saw last year was

a - pool
b- drink
c - bed
d - clubs
e - drink again and other subs, and rotate again!

I would recommend a lot to take one day for a trip to the small island Formentera. It's got one of the most transparent and clear water of all the Med, with a really great submarine life.

For everyone who loves sea life, check Formentera as the best place in the balearic islands for this question.

For hangover and coming down recovering, better take a rest at the hotel or hang out at Playa d'En Bossà. ;)
Salinas was nice but the ratio of naked men to naked women was awful!!! Felt like a gay porno!!!!
Sa Caleta - just south of the airport. Red rock, small beach, great waves!
Cala Salada - 10 mins north of San An.
Cala Gracionetta - round the corner from Cala Gracio (San An), It's tiny, it's beautiful. Went there in October and there were only 2 of us there (and it felt crowded).

They're my top 3!!
'Salinas was nice but the ratio of naked men to naked women was awful!!! Felt like a gay porno!!!!'

well that makes a change!!!!
mandy_d said:
'Salinas was nice but the ratio of naked men to naked women was awful!!! Felt like a gay porno!!!!'

well that makes a change!!!!

Believe me if you saw the dudes that were naked I dont think you would have been that excited (unless you're into fat hairy 40 year olds) !!!! lol!