Wheres your favourite club in ibiza and why?


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14 welsh lads, ibiza virgins comin up on 12th of june, jus wanted to know which clubs people enjoy the most and why they're peoples favourites, for an idea of where to go and where wud suit us when we arrive!!

any info appreciated, thanks!
depends on your styke and preferences,cant be generalized!

i love bora,amnesia and space,then come pacha and the outhers!

amnesia because of the people and dinamic of the music!also for the "ambient"!
Warminster!!! Home of the original Tribal Gathering... 8)

Hello me babber! (west country boy here hence my excitement).
Underground, friendly clued up punters of varying nationalities who actually mix with each other, reasonable priced drinks, intimate surroundings. Never had a bad night there, its always been ace. If you keep an eye on their myspace as well, you can catch some great guests, although the residents are spot on. Only downside is the 4:30am finish (but being used to 2:30am finishes in Dundee this doesn't bother me as much as it might a Landanner).
DC-10 for me. Can't really put my finger on why I like it more that other clubs I was at.

Since it'll probably be shut I'd say Space though.
1. play2
2. top21
3. garbidisco
4. eden
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As someone has already mentioned, it's more the nights you have to choose carefully in accordance with your own preferences, more than just the clubs themselves... things will vary so much from promoter to promoter.

I suppose it's not really fair for me to say which is my favourite, because I've not been to them all. But of the ones I've been to, Privilege and Amnesia. Privilege just for the sheer breathtaking size of the place... Amnesia edges it for me though. Can't quite describe why... just has that little extra magic.