Where to go



I was wondering where to go when I am over in Ibizia. I will be there Sunday July 27th and Monday 28th. Me and a friend are staying in the Jet Apartments. I know this is hard question to answer. But if anyone can give suggestions that would be great.

Also we arrive in at 11:00 am where should we go. Any help would be much appreciated.

We are both single 28 year old guys from the States.


Easy Space on Sunday, DC10 on Monday :D

Space opens 8am Sunday morning til 6am Monday morning, DC10 opens 6am Monday til whenever :eek: :p
if your only there for 2 days inbetween what the lovely barbie suggested try to go to ibiza town sunday night, just to have a walk about and catch some of the bars

base bar is good, :D
whoa..... just two days??...... you´ll sure regret it, i think what barbie suggested will do just fine, i had a great time there last year... take care and party safe... hahaha
Hey guys thanks for the advice. I know two days is not much. We are going to travel to the rest of spain for two weeks. I know on Tuesday when I am leaving, I probably will wish I was staying longer.

Thanks again
well space and dc10 for sure if youre into house n ´stuff....but if you like trance and progressive stuff, try going to Es Paradis or Amnesia, Pacha for Defmix sat. nite and maybe try the bars in ibiza townsend as well