Whens everyone going?


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scooters in ibz is not a good idea, Nearly all people i met had a crash with & i saw many crash with scooters & people laid on floor too.
Price raise for renting car, september prices are peak season now x3 ?


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its the quad bikes that seem to be an issue, people don't understand the power behind them have to be careful with turns seen a nasty crash in Cyrpus they can do some serious damage.. plus they sound horrific


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Finally took the plunge and booked to fly out on 1 August. Staying in a house near Ibiza Town (with my Mum & my husband) from 1-8 August, then just my husband & I for our 5th wedding anniversary for a few days, although we haven't booked our accommodation or return flight yet.

Decided on a house over an apartment or hotel as we thought having our own entrance and not sharing lifts, pools etc would help reduce the risk of catching anything when inside.