What's the weather like at the moment?


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If you look at the hourly breakdowns for the next week then it just seems very changeable, times of sun as well as rain (fingers crossed). Hopefully not as grim as the overall daily summary make it look.


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the 'gota fría' has arrived today. it's windy, cloudy and we've had the first drops of rain. nothing major yet though.

tomorrow isn't looking that bad currently though, the worst period now seems to be from tomorrow night until friday morning. early thursday and early friday it might rain a lot.

the good news is, from sat or latest sunday onwards it should be proper nice again and the felt air temp will still be around 30 degrees C daytime. for us and anyone coming to the island late september and october I'm hoping that after this week, it gets stable again and stays like that for a month or so :)


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contrary to many apps it was rather nice in es cavallet today until 15.30 when the sun disappeared behind clouds to reappear for sunset. slight rain for about 30 mins.