Whats the best club in the world?



Dirk Bigler said:
gaz said:
Boys Own, East Grinstead

:D What year we talking now mate?

Do Boys Own still do anything? I remember getting a rubber Boys Own Jacket in 91/92 with the logo on the back. Still got it somewhere!


now put on Do's by the name of Faith, about half a dozen a year

the usual Boxing Day one of course, legendry


shadu said:
Tresor Berlin!!!!!

Oh God, I guess you can be right, never been there but people loves it.

I would say LIMELIGHT for the place in NYC, and AMNESIA when the music is Trancey.


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shadu said:
Tresor Berlin!!!!!

That's somewhere I'd absolutely love to go, along with the Fuse in Belgium.

Of the clubs I've been to, Space is probably my favourite for the terrace, the people and the sound.


Stereo, Montreal. Unbeatable. Like a far more intimate Space terrace, but indoors.


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fusion said:
I am refering ofcourse to a club you've been to, not one you heard of.

Oh and you can only name one :)

Mine has to be:
Amnesia (Ibiza)

Well said!

Amnesia is definitely the best


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Agreed, the club is great but is mostly full of the wrong type of English peeps :evil:

I think its more important to have a good crowd than the club itself


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In NYC its Centro Fly..Twilo i would have said was the greatest club ever but its long gone...we have Crobar opening this weekend....international its gotta be Space, Ibiza...nowhere can match that vibe...NYCs actually got some good talent lately...everyone should come check out my city...theres always something going on


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No doubt:
Space Of Sound @ Macumba in Madrid. The most stunning club I've ever seen.

It's a shame they shifted the schedule from Sunday morning to Sunday night. :( But it will remain a morning club on special dates 8)