Whats the best club in the world?


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I am refering ofcourse to a club you've been to, not one you heard of.

Oh and you can only name one :)

Mine has to be:
Amnesia (Ibiza)
Manumission 95, so KU at that time.


Would probably go for Pacha nowadays, but used to be Wilkie House in Edinburgh. That place was the bollox!
I've yet to be in a club with a better atmosphere than The Arches in Glasgow. It's no Pacha or Space, but the crowd are crazy and any dj I have heard play it often rates it as the best gigs they have ever done.

I absolutely LOVE the main room at Space as well.
gaz said:
Boys Own, East Grinstead

:D What year we talking now mate?

Do Boys Own still do anything? I remember getting a rubber Boys Own Jacket in 91/92 with the logo on the back. Still got it somewhere!
gonna have to be Eden sorry peeps just they have lisa lashes and dave pearce etc hate judgement sundays thou!!