What time do people go to the clubs?

hot-bi said:
no set time for going out, if your feeling it can sometimes be hard getting the motivation to go out at night so usually i just wait till i feel better, if that means waiting for space the next morning when your up for it

hard to get motivated...were you lieing in the sun too long? :confused:
get there early leave late
get the absolute most out of your holiday!!!!

its very easy to cure that motivation thingy! have a drink heheheheh
or some beans!

or just step outside and speak to the first person you see, they'll motivate you (esp if its me!!!! hehehehehe )
dont reccomend going to the clubs to early

when theres not many people in there especialy night that are pants like skool disco werent there last year got there well early left about 2.30 and went to fabric (sorry inox)
While we are on the subject. PVD and Tiesto night at Amnesia, do you still reccomend getting there around 1:30 - 2:00 or earlier?