What time do people go to the clubs?

The clubs tend to get busy after midnight, probably about 1-ish. On the whole, they go on usually until about 7am, but many have after-parties which'll see you clubbing for the next few days! (ie Cocoon closing party last year)
I like to get their early, about 12.30 and have a few drinks before it all kicks off.

Re. DJ times, say at Pacha the headliner eg. Erick or Oakie or whoever will normally play from about 4am - 8am close.
I like to go back to the hotel mid evening and take a nap. Wake up, take a shower around 11:30 to midnight. Head out around 12:30 and arrive at the club around 1:00. Sometimes I don't get the nap in though and that makes me cranky! Hee! Hee! :lol:
I think i've been getting there to early on some occasions, there was once me and my bro were outside Manumission and it wasn't even open!

I get worried that i might miss something so i get there early, trouble is i tend to leave early too!

Mind you, i had a ticket for Pacha last year and it said you had to be there by 1AM so me and my bro got straight over there, and i dont think there was any need for it!
I have a thing where I have to be the first in and last out! So I get there round 12 and stay till the Very end - one exception being Cream@amnesia 2nd august 2001 - but I Had to goto hospital so no lightweight comments pleeease.
I like the bars so sometimes i don't get to clubs till about 3 am.
Most of the time its about 2:00am
get to Space at about 1:00
I would say between 1.00-2.00am.

We also like the bars and can be difficult to drag yourself away.

We like Dome best, it just seems to get busier and busier as the night goes on.

Space on Sunday's is easily accessible at any time of day with us staying in PDB, but i prefer to go in the evening when the party's is in full swing.
... actually, although we really ought to "do" a club when we go out in June, I would have been more than happy to dig my feet into the sand and chill at a bar!
If its pacha or El divino i get there early at about 12:30 and sit on the outside terrace drinking for an hour or so then go and have a wander round the other rooms (pacha) and get down to the main room for about 2:30-3:00 or if El Divino stay on the terrace until the main room looks busy.

Any other club i'll go down at about 2:00ish.

Space is just random!
no set time for going out, if your feeling it can sometimes be hard getting the motivation to go out at night so usually i just wait till i feel better, if that means waiting for space the next morning when your up for it
Ive heard the clubs get going about 2am 8)

Im so excited i cant wait to get out to San An 4 the summer!

Partying all night long :p