What Style Do You Prefer? Trance, Prog. Or House?

Ibiza-girlie said:
techno? a genre thats almost forgotten (well in scandinavia at least)

uhm?? are you sure???
in central and especially eastern europe it is still the Nr 1 genre... :!:
in southern europe as far as i know, as well..e.g. in slowenia, croatia, italy, and yeah..spain as well...

in scandinavia forgotten? hm.. i know some of the best techno djs and producers who are from northern europe: for example, adam bayer

and what about the loveparade in berlin? the biggest techno outdoor event worldwide
or what about all the techno festivals like "I love techno" in belgium (40 000 visitors), the Sonar festival in barcelona and so on... ;)
Has to be progressive, just love the subtleness in it all. Some people find it boring but it makes me smile. When I say "progressive" though I mean all the flavours: i.e. tribal, tech house, progressive trance etc.

I like my techno as well, proper banging music, none of that mindless hard house / hard trance pish. Can't stand hard house stand hard trance because they have no depth, they are so boring. I could jump about to them in a club if I was f*cked, but could never listen to it at home.

I used to really like trance, but as someone said, I find it very bland, empty, and frankly boring now. I do like GOOD trance though but I am fussy. John 00 Fleming and Paul Van Dyk are the only trance DJs I think are decent and unfortunatly Paul Van Dyk has been shit recently playing lots of hard trance.