What Style Do You Prefer? Trance, Prog. Or House?

When im in ibiza trance is more my thing, and dont laugh - i like acid house. RnB i like some house but im picky about it. at home i listen to Oasis, friday night posse, THE STREETS!!!!!

music is an amazing thing its all about what appeals to you.
Trance, trance and more trance. I will listen to other things and occassionally go to nights where they play different kinds of music but when I do it's not really like a proper night out for me as I don't get into it the same.
funky house and proper trance for me tho i can listen to anything so long as its not in the charts and has a two step beat thats music i hate with a passion ,i love hip hop like tupac, tribe called quest,wu tang,none of this chorus line fashion video crap they play in the charts just real hip hop,also love my chill and stuff like oasis,stereophonics coldlay and radiohead(im not a manic depressive) and a bit of funky d&b but when it comes to music its dance that rules the day.
Trance Trance Trance!!! I really like all house (except hard house) and some prog, but trance is when you'll see me at my nuttiest!
I hear you Canadakid! nice to know that we are so many people here that enjoy dif. styles...thank god there´s room enough for all of us on "la isla blanca!"

at present.

drum and base.

then old skool

the trance.

the house..

don't really like r'n'b you just can't dance to it.

my give techo a go this year... for something diffrent
House no 1, quite like a bit of trance if I'm in the mood, prog bores me senseless and hard house is just :eek: :twisted:
i'm not a fussy bird me ;)
but LOVE house and trance
hard house have to be really really in the mood and up for it
funk is wicked!
My fave is house, no doubt of it.

Mainly tribal and funky-house (or happy house) and also deep house and hardhouse. And don't forget balearic house and those songs which mix elements of salsa and caribbean sounds with house beats.

I also like good techno (not cheesy stinky and speedy hardcore).

I don't like trance, and I hate eurotrance, it's so cheesy!!
Has to be Trance first-none of that cheesey s.h.i.t though! Also starting to like house a bit more now-especially towards the start of the night. Used to like Hard house a bit to-still dont mind it really.

Cant stand R&B though-just does my head in, find it far too boring!!
Anything except RnB or Garage which are both pure Sh**e!
Proper Trance ie PVD etc is pure heaven but that Euro vocal cheesey crap is real yukky! Also love Decent sexy proggy & tribal. Am also starting to get into Techno lately. Did anyone see Jeff Mills at Homelands last week? MENTAL!!! :D
Agree with you there, crap commercial trance really does spoil dance music's image. Hate when i tell people what im into and they come out with 'yeah that new Dj Sammy track is ace isnt it' Noooooooooooo!!! :evil:
Out of the choices you've given, it has to be house, preferably nice and funky.

But my personal preference in clubs is techno and electro.

Find trance really bland.
House - almost all genres, except from the tracks that combines breaks or raggae elements in them.

Trance - the more melodic vocal uplifting type. Hate psy or hard trance though.

Techno - anything goes!

Ambient - When the mood is right.

Rest just SUCK! ;)
Things like DJ Sammy and Eiffel 65 and that shouldn't be called trance. I call it club dance, but in reality it's s.h.i.t.e. plain and simple.