What Is The Average Age Of Clubbers?

aye mate you'll have an amazin time .i first went last year when i was 17. dont worry about what other ppl think of u out there its their problem not yours, your just lookin for a good time like everyone else out there.
16 is a bit too young for clubs........if i wanted that feelign i'll go to a wearhouse rave, i'm going to ibizan clubs because they are beautiful and full of beautiful grown ups...no kids please..:)...you're time will come...take some driving lessons or something....

anyways...anyone from europe coming to Miami for the Ultra music festival....the biggest gathering of dj's after ibiza...anyone?

Life is for livin IMO

Some people are married @ 16!!!!


Surely @ 16, someone is more able to cope with the very hot and crowded clubs than someone in their 40's 50's as has been discussed on another thread?
:D :D :D
Well I just turned 30 last week and I am going Ibiza this year, mini skirts and all, going to keep at it whilst I can respectfully get away with it!
My b/f is only 26 so Im as young as the man I feel tee-hee. Could do without gorgeous teen - 20 year olds standing too close too me though! :lol:
went ibiza for first time last summer. and i was 18. i felt a bit young as most peeps seemed to be a few years older. its didnt matter at all tho. we just got off our trolley and got chatting to randoms of all ages. and they didnt care how old we were. its all good!
There are "ar ses" of alllll ages I've learnt.

I know a hell of a lot of "young" people who are far more switched on and mature than many a person my age ....

This world is made up of lots of different types .. would be a tad boring if it were all the same .. and what may appear childish and yobbish to you, may be the greatest fun for them ... each to their own ! (Life it too short to give a poo about what others think)
pacha4life said:
16 is a bit too young for clubs........if i wanted that feelign i'll go to a wearhouse rave, i'm going to ibizan clubs because they are beautiful and full of beautiful grown ups...no kids please..:)...you're time will come...take some driving lessons or something....

Oh please!!!!! The great thing about club culture is that it brings people of ALL ages and backgrounds together through their love of the music. I don't even think about age when I'm out and in my circle of clubbing friends we've got all ages from 16 - 42 which I think is great :D

If a 16 year old is into their music and wants to go to Ibiza and listen to some of the best DJ's in the best clubs in the world then good for them. I can think of a lot worse things for them to be doing!!
I cant actually believe the stuff pacha4life is coming out with. i think its time for a reality check. its people like u that the dance scene doesnt need, no room for snobs, we can get that in most other bars and commercial clubs thanks.
im 20 in the summer & ill be going to ibiza but i have a young face. Its people like pacha4life that constantly come up to me and ask what age i am, like it matters.
im there for the music & dont really care if my young looks offend u, its your problem not mine.
ive not got a problem if someone is much younger or much older than I am, as long as they've got the right attitude and theres a good vibe.

in any case, if u want to look at it in terms of age, its our day, not yours as yours has probably long since passed.
Keep it real![/quote]
One of the best things about Ibiza is how tolerant everybody is. Nobody cares if you're young, old, gay, straight, male, female, black, white, a trannie or whatever. Even white, middle aged blokes like me are accepted. I don't know if it would be the same in Britain or in the West End for that matter.
But the question has to be asked.

Regardless of "how well behaved" in clubs he is, if situations were to arise (as they often can anywhere were there are lots of drunk/stoned people). Would our friend Craigy have the maturity/wisdom to be able to handle any problems? Bear in mind he is no more than a year out of school and this is a foreign country.

Sorry if it sounds patronising, but these are facts that we have to face. :(
I am 29, my girlfriend is 33, we are going to Ibiza for years and just dont care about age/race/freaks/gender...

But:July/August is lost to "teen spirit" :eek: :eek: :eek: , so we go in June and September, which is the better time anyway with lots of people in our age and lots of senoirs around 40+
just be superfly and it'll be fine.

Put it this way - thinking back, I am pretty sure that the first time i went out clubbing was when i was about 16-17.......today, to put some perspective on it, I am 27.

I DO remember being frightened, scared, out of my depth and I certainly was naiive......................... BUT more importantly I distinctly remember being in awe of EVERYTHING, amazed at all these beautiful people who looked so confident, electrified by this wash of incredible music that eminated from the huge speakers and without taking any drugs I experienced a bigger high than many nights since.......it was amazing, simply amazing and it left a lasting impression on me.

I should add that my first experience was at Bonds in a very early Miss Moneypennies which can hardly be described as the kind of place that would tolerate young, spotty teenagers (especially in 1993!)...........however I did it and it changed my life for the better and for those of you who now live in London, you've probably seen my face about the place now and then.

As long as you act cool & stay chilled - give other, older people respect, learn from them and enjoy yourself without letting yourself down young man you will go far. Experience it now and you will be all the more superfly when you are my age.