What Are You Listening To Right Now??

Kim Wrong Un

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I recorded this tribute to Environ Records. Gamechanging music for me in so many ways.

Kelley Polar - The Rhythm Touch
Kelley Polar - Parlour Games
Metro Area - Atmospherique
Kelley Polar - Tyruangalia
Metro Area - Nerves
Metro Area - Miura / Prince - When Doves Cry
Kelley Polar - Rosenband (Magic Tim instrumental)
Kelley Polar - Ashamed of myself (Osunlade mix)
Kelley Polar - Chrysanthemum
Metro Area - Erodyne
Metro Area - Piña


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Heard a brilliant new ep from Dublin's Pear.. Robbie Kitt (David"new Jackson's" younger brother that has a NJ remix should be a biggie.... Here's an earlier release