What Are You Listening To Right Now??


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I recorded these back to back and think they sound ok

The first one is just a bit of fun - exclusively music from 1993-94, the kind of stuff we used to hear at a student venue called the Lemongrove in Exeter when I was living there. I've been trying to track down the DJ for ages because he always had a very interesting bag of records (probably all now gathering dust on discogs) - and this is a kind of homage to the ones I can actually remember. Not sure all of it has aged that well but it is a faithful reflection of how those nights would start and then end up. The 'progressive house' years interspersed with a bit of acid jazz and laughable white dread hiphop.


featuring Lucas, Young MC, Black Machine, Senser, Gary Clail ONU, Bjork, Leftfield & Lydon, Transglobal Underground, Urban Species, Gat Decor, Country & Western + er D:Ream

and then I did this much more recent one, starting off with the more sophisticated slower, darker sound championed by ALFOS & co before gradually ramping up the gears, peaking on a couple of big house classics


featuring Brennan Green, Lord of the Isles/Kuniyuki, Latour, Laars, Patrice Scott, Fabrizio Mammarella, Scott Ferguson & Marvin Belton, Todd Terje, Mystic Bill, 51 Days, Herbest Moon, Cage & Aviary and Neurotic Drum Band
That second mix is Tops ollie.. happy listening to that in a dark sweaty room a red light and fellow chuggers.. great mix :)


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Also, some local to me talent, that seems to never leave my playlist. This set is just miserably dirty. Its been 9 years and I still cant stop listening to it.