Weekend rundowns!


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bit late

Friday- drinks around town, then local club

Sat- shine ireland (garnier)

sun - flew back, party

mon -party

Mark Sun

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To answer the thread..

Fri: Ran my 'it would be rude not to' night - started really quietly but was rammed by about midnight.. so... all good! Went on to turnmills for tongy et al, then went to an afterparty that got cancelled just as we arrived :evil:

Sat: woke up around 5, headed to the pub for the first meal since fri lunchtime, and then out to a house party in paddington. Absolutely rocking time!! I'm more and more convinced that big house parties are the way forward :D Got home about 9am .... I think..

Sun: Saw 'Assault on precint 13' which was pretty damn ordinary, then out for a chinese meal. Yum.