Weekend Reports


A few people online but still summer quiet around here...
How'd everyone's weekend go? All as planned?

Friday - Krysha Mira for Friday Sunset drinks (now a firmly ensconced tradition). Then an entertaining cabaret party at the offices of a friend's art agency. Then to the private pre-opening of the newly-reincarnated nightclub Garage. Then back to Krysha Mira for after-hours. Then Starlite Diner for a quick breakfast.

Saturday - Got home at 10am, slept until mid-afternoon, woke up feeling like death warmed over (the switch from beer to vodka a couple of weeks ago is increasingly feeling like a bad idea). Attended a friend's wedding at the Moscow Golf Club's clubhouse. A relatively quiet but nice affair.

Sunday - Best day of the weekend. Went to the Red Bull Flugtag on the shores of the Moscow river :D A friend who rode out there with us blagged us all into the VIP stand. Bonus! 8) Free food & drink and better views... Then back to a new pub (our old favorite closed :cry:) to watch Chelsea finally win something in a penalty shoot-out. :confused: :D
friday night - went to a very busy DEX in South London to see Larry Heard. Dropped the usual array of classics, energy flash, rej, sun don't shine anymore, shades of jae, plastic dreams, deeper love, son of raw etc etc which we knew he would do (not a night for the headz) in fact set was pretty identical to glasgow last year (ez FatPB) but my main issue was with the sound - not been anywhere as deafening as that since the infamous otto zutz in barcelona in 1995. totally ear-splitting, and the place reeked of amyl nitrate. Nice vibe on the roof mind, clear skies tho meaning too cold to sit in the spa. Then the comedy began - we tracked Larry down to his hotel room upstairs and a friend of mine planted a great big kiss on the startled man's forehead, whilst we all jabbered incoherently about how much he meant to us, how he was a pivotal influence on puberty, how he inspired the fall of the berlin wall, why wasn't rob owens there (lives up road in camberwell for last 10 years!) had they fallen out? all that sort of thing. We also tried to invite him along to a flat near loughborough junction afterwds for a bit of a carry-on but he sadly had to get an early flight to Amsterdam. Then on to the flat, the usual script, bogota vibe zzz but did hear the new shlt robot track, which is really good - cdn't resist dropping it into the man with red face thread. The P4 bus home was .. difficult. then saturday - disturbed sleep - child next door had birthday - loud reggae all day. star of bethnal green in evening for the excellent ESP. sunday, just cotched on the settee for, like, hours. tinnitus. tesco. television. internet. bed.
I had the funniest weekend in ages..

Fri: met up with some of the old crew from when we all worked at Riverside, slightly apprehensive about these "reunion" things - avoid like the plague in the past, but this one I figured make an effort - none of us were exactly "normal" then and I hoped none of us were "normal" now.

I wasnt disappointed. None of them were normal in the slightest, I dont think I have laughed so much in years points of discussion consisted of

A bomb threat on St Paddy's student night when I took the call and told them to either "F***ing speak up or call back later when it was quieter" :oops:

Me acidentally setting off the fire extinguisher (which was locked in a cupboard cos it was " in the way" on the wall in the main office) and getting jammed in the cupboard with the extinguisher going off. :oops::oops:

the venue manager pulling down the shutters and not letting the police in when they tried to shut down the Gary Clail and the on U sound system down and barricading all the punters in :lol::lol:

Having to placate the police after neighbours near the venue thought someone had been murdered when they saw some punters run out of Riv - covered in blood from head to foot and carrying what looked like a human arm and then us having to explain that the band GWAR had been playing and they often sprayed fake blood and threw fake amputated limbs into the crowd.

Having our first £25 e when someone brought them to Newcastle in the late 80's and still being in the club when the cleaners came in the next day properly having it...

Sat: mates round for a chill and a giggle - one of my mates has been depressed for the past few months and she is now on some made anti-depressants which to me seem very much like :) she was on brilliant form.... might contact the Dr and tell him I am depressed and can I have some of these please8)8)

Sun: papers, roast, garden, chill....... then watched that Louis Theroux programme on Crystal Meth - the redneck drug of choice...... very depressing to watch - seems when you have **** all in your life this seems like a good idea and an escape from normality...:?:cry:

Cracking weekend -
Mine consisted on a infamous train journey to Costa Brava on friday, an infamous journey back to Barcelona yesterday night and inbetween, a bit of beach, a lot of summer storms, coocking succesfully a paella for 6 and lots of bears, laughing cigs and the general silliness when you get four girls together for a lazy weekend ;)
Don't worry, Sil. You spell a lot better than Irina does ;)
(don't tell her I said so!)

But the idea of "lots of bears" is really funny :D

Irina should embrace the spotligh english academy :D

Beers- bears
Ham - Jam
hungover - hangover

I will always use the wrong word. Fact
Irina should embrace the spotligh english academy :D
Nooooo no no no.... better if she doesn't see how much I blab on here :lol:

I speak Russian every day, and I read just fine, but my written Russian is horrendous. A quarter of the words in any sentence I write will be misspelled! Thank god for assistants :lol:
Enjoyed the resumption of traditional weekend tv viewing.. football focus, soccer Saturday, live meaningful (ish) football on tv..

i've missed you
Recovering from stag last week,.

Stayed in Friday, went mountain biking, black runs - mentalism - killed a few hookers on the way back (not really, just seeing if anyone reads these).

Park yesterday. Got sad that Norman Jay was playing as I was mopping the kitchen floor.

Started plotting Ibiza 10. Big weekend coming up, weekend long party in Ludlow. That's partying and fine food may I add.
fri - stereo in glasgow, seth troxler, cracking night, great music, lots of boozes

sat - lunch with the missus and a quiet nite in

sun - dinner at the inlaws with more boozes

also watched some ashes at the weekend (lol)
Friday had a quiet night in, we are looking to move out so was having a look on the old world wide web

Saturday had a flat viewing and appointment at the bank :lol:, all very grown up stuff, I cant believe I am uttering the word mortgage :eek::lol:, Sat night the BF was out with his mates so I took the opportunity to have a lazy night in with mum and dad. Laid on the couch eating Pic N Mix :lol:

Sunday was off to see family in Bedfordshire, so good hour and a half drive, was lovely to see everyone though including my cousins new baby, soooo cute :lol:, went for a walk in the country as they live on a farm out there, had a go in my cousins quad/buggy thing :eek: and then the horrible drive home :cry:

Still great weekend and finally some sunshine!
just got home after a long weekend up @ the snow again....
perfect weather, fresh powder (in more ways than one), a rocking set & some wicked mates to share it with.... one of the bestest weekends ive had in a long time......!!8):twisted:
just got home after a long weekend up @ the snow again....
perfect weather, fresh powder (in more ways than one), a rocking set & some wicked mates to share it with.... one of the bestest weekends ive had in a long time......!!8):twisted:

Why does everyone have something exciting to report .. all I have is work , gym , bed , went shopping with no money , took children to waterpark spent 2 hours in spectator area etc :evil: