Weekend Plans


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probably not all of them but then again, once the season's underway sometimes the partying happens midweek and the weekend will be there for recovery!

hahaha I'm not gonna complain, am actually starting to look forward to the season again now! :)
I imagine there must be quite a “buzz” about the island not long before the season starts! I’m not even there and am starting to get excited ?


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Trip home to see the folks this weekend! Taking parents for afternoon tea on Saturday, then attempting to cook a roast on Sunday.
Off to a Hen do in the back arse of no where tomorrow night, we've a house rented on a lake and there's a little country pub nearby and that's about it, so imagine we will end up there with the locals. I'm going armed with quality Lidl wine, a Bose speaker and a bag of other goodies ;) bring it on